Risk Management Policy (FS 7.13)

Chapter VII: UWS and UWRF Policies

7.13 Risk Management Policy

The Risk Management Department has responsibility for recognizing, measuring and controlling the exposures to loss of both human life and property. The University promotes a policy of sound risk management that provides facilities, services and working conditions that are conducive to safety, security and maximum efficiency. The UW-River Falls Risk Management program is consistent with UW System, State, and federal requirements. These programs attempt to protect employees, students and members of the general public involved in University activities on or off the campus. The University expects its faculty, staff and students to exercise good judgment in connection with safety regulations and methods relating to their personal safety and well-being. The Risk Management Department provides guidance, advice and other aid as needed by department administrators, faculty members, staff and students. We gather information regarding accidents and incidents and file claims accordingly and act as liaison between the University and UW System Risk Management and/or State Risk Management. The Risk Management Department works closely with Police and Parking, Human Resources, Purchasing Services, Facilities Management, and Campus Planning in all loss control matters.

Department chairs, unit supervisors, and instructors are expected to encourage employees, students, and visitors to comply with safety rules and regulations such as wearing of personal protective equipment and use of safety guards. Their efforts should be directed toward maintaining a safe working environment in all areas under their direction. Their duties include the protection of University property within their department area from theft and damage.

Department and unit heads should report all accidents and injuries to the Human Resource Office per paragraph 7.15 of this handbook. Thefts or malicious damage, lightning and weather-related damage, or any other destruction of property should be reported to the Risk Management Department as soon as possible after the occurrence. These initial reports will be followed by written reports to appropriate University and State offices for possible insurance claim and reimbursement.