Internships, Professional Experiences, Field Experience, Cooperative Extension (FS 8.5)

Chapter VIII - Academic Standards, Procedures and Policies

8.5 Professional Experiences, Internships, Field Experience, Cooperative Extension

Professional experiences/internships are available in virtually every discipline in the University, providing an important opportunity for students to blend their academic experience with a supervised work experience as among departments. Students and faculty are advised to inform themselves about the guidelines that apply to their field and to take advantage of these career-enhancing opportunities.

8.5.1 Defining Full-time Status for Students Participating in Internships 

[FS 07/08-38] Academic Semesters of Fall and Spring

Students participating in an internship which requires 40 or more hours of work per week for a minimum of 14 weeks or a minimum of 560 hours and who are enrolled in a minimum of 4 credits for that experience will be considered full-time enrollees for that semester by the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, including the Registrar's Office, Financial Aid Office (including eligibility for Federal Financial Aid disbursement), and the academic Colleges.

By the third week of each semester each College must report directly to the Registrar the names, course numbers, and number of credits for students they consider to be on full-time internships. Any change in student workload must be reported immediately to the Registrar's Office. Students enrolled in 12 credits or more do not need to be reported, as they will be covered under the regular on-campus policy that a 12-credit load is full-time status. Summer Term

To be eligible for Federal Financial Aid disbursement during the summer, students must be enrolled in a minimum of 3 credits of internship.