Pass-Fail Privilege for Undergraduate Students (FS 8.2.8)

8.2.8 Pass-Fail Privilege for Undergraduate Students

Students often hesitate to pursue coursework outside their major field. To encourage more breadth academically, the University allows qualified students to enroll in a course on a pass-fail basis.

a. The Privilege

  1. Credits earned under the pass-fail system will be counted for degree requirements but will not be included in the computation of the student's honor point ratio. (2) The grade will be recorded on the student's permanent record as either "S" (pass) if the grade is "D" or better or "U" (fail) if the grade is "F". A "U" grade is included in computing the student's honor point ratio.

b. Requirements for the Privilege

  1. Juniors and seniors who are not on scholastic probation may take one course per semester on a pass-fail basis with a maximum of 3 courses or 12 credits.
  2. Courses which may not be taken on a pass-fail basis are those required for General Education and for requirements or curriculum options within a departmental major or a departmental minor. Internships are an exception to this rule.

c. Conditions for the Privilege

  1. Under no circumstances will the student be permitted to change a course either to or from a pass-fail basis after the second week of classes each semester or the first week of the summer session.
    Care should be taken that courses which might be necessary for a major or preprofessional program, decided on later, are not taken as pass-fail.
  2. If it is determined that a student elected a course without being eligible or without meeting the requirements, the student will be required to carry the course on the conventional grading scale.

d. Procedures for courses on the Pass-Fail System

  1. A student meeting the pass-fail requirements and planning to enroll in a course on this system must secure the approval of the advisor and academic Dean prior to the end of the second week of classes each semester or the first week of classes during the summer session.
  2. With the advisor, the student should complete a Pass-Fail Privilege Form, obtainable from the Registrar's Office. This form is to be completed in duplicate with the original copy being forwarded to the Registrar's Office following approval by the academic Dean. The second copy will be returned to the advisor.