Final Examinations (FS 8.2.13)

8.2.14 Final Examinations

All faculty members are required to give final examinations and, unless excused by their Dean, at the published hours. Any faculty member has the option of not giving a final examination if, in the opinion of the Dean, a final examination would serve little purpose. Reasons for such permission would include:

a. The course is essentially a "studio" or "project" course so that there is little basis for a final examination.
b. Sufficient exams have been given, including one during the last class or lab meeting, and the instructor prefers to discuss these exams during the final examination period. The faculty member will meet with the class during the assigned examination period either for instructional or testing purposes. A faculty member's request to the Dean for permission to use the period for instructional purposes should be filed at least one week before the exam week.

As a general policy graduating seniors and special students are required to take final examinations. Faculty may excuse individual graduating students or special students from final examinations only when individual considerations warrant.

UWRF requires the scheduling of a study day between the last day of regular classes and the first day of final exams every semester. Any day of the week except Sunday may be designated as the study day.