Computer Software Copyright Violation (FS 7.19)

Chapter VII: UWS and UWRF Policies

7.19 University Policy-Computer Software Copyright Violation

The University has a copyright policy, which has been signed and approved by the Chancellor and Faculty Senate, and violations of this policy may make the individuals responsible personally liable. The policy is reproduced below with some examples of what is illegal and some recommendations of items that departments should check to ascertain that they are not in violation of the policy.

Whether the software was procured for administrative or academic use, the University, its faculty, staff, and students shall at all times abide by any and all copyright laws pertaining to computer software and by any computer software license agreements which are legally applicable to them.

Specifically this means that:

  1. Every copy of computer software used by any department, faculty or staff member, or student on a University-owned computer must be a legally acquired copy.
  2. Unauthorized or illegal copying of copyrighted software for institutional, personal use or for distribution to others is strictly prohibited.
  3. Knowingly allowing copyrighted software to be illegally copied is prohibited.
  4. Copyrighted software must be stored in a location or manner so as to prevent the possibility of illegal copying.
  5. Any person knowing of a possible violation of the computer software copyright law is required to report the violation to the University administration.

Persons guilty of computer software copyright violations may be subject to disciplinary action by the University. Such violations may also subject any persons involved to criminal or civil prosecution.

Information Technology Services shall refuse persons requesting assistance in using what appear to be illegal copies of software.

Summary statements of this policy shall be posted in all areas that are open for general use of computers. Reminders regarding this policy will be periodically sent to all University departments and offices.