Auditing Classes (FS 8.2.6)

8.2.7 Auditing Classes

Students who wish to audit a course will be required to register for the course after those enrolled for credit have registered and on a space available basis with the following conditions:

a. the approval of the faculty member in charge of the class must be obtained by the auditor;
b. any special costs for course instruction other than normal fee charges are assessed auditors availing themselves of this opportunity; and
c. a student who opts to enroll on an auditor basis under this policy may not change from an "audit" to a "credit" status or a "credit" to "audit" status after the fifth day of classes.
Students desiring to register for courses on an audit basis may obtain an audit card in the Office of the Registrar. Students must submit the approved audit card to the Registrar's Office on the last day to add a course (the fifth day of classes). An audited class is not counted in computing a student's credit load, but the instructor is required to report the satisfactory completion of the audit to the Registrar. Fees for courses which are audited vary according to the status of the student. Please contact the Cashier's Office for specific
course charges.