Academic Honors Regalia (FS 8.2.25)

8.2.26 Academic Honors Regalia

Commencement is designed to recognize academic achievement.  The function of the academic regalia shall be to recognize academic achievements.

a. Seniors who graduate cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude may wear honor cords at the Commencement ceremony. These honor cords will be bestowed at the individual College honor ceremonies.

b. Graduating seniors who have completed the Honors Program may wear honor cords at the Commencement ceremony to symbolize their achievement. The bestowing of the honor cords will be left to the discretion of the Honors Program Director.

c. Graduating seniors who are members of national honor academic societies that have a chapter on the UWRF campus may wear the organization’s honor cords at the commencement ceremony. The bestowing of the cords will be left to each organization's local advisors. Honors regalia may include cords, ribbons, pins, and medallions. The Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs in consultation with the Academic Standards Committee makes administrative decisions with respect to the type of honor regalia that may be worn. Non-academic accoutrements are unlikely to be approved. [FS 06/07-119], [FS 11/12-103]