Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me about the quality of the psychology program?
Whether measured in terms of popularity (number of students majoring in psychology), recognition of teaching excellence, or the number of our  students who complete independent research and/or internships, the UWRF Department of Psychology is recognized as one of the finest departments on campus. We are especially proud of the quality of our staff members all of whom are committed to teaching and who each represent a different area of psychology. This configuration enables the department to provide students a broad, rigorous academic program of basic and applied courses which prepare students for graduate school, and the world of work.

Do students have access to faculty members?
Unlike many larger universities at which undergraduates would seldom have direct contact with faculty, we understand the importance of student-faculty interaction and work hard to provide a lot of accessibility. All students receive one-on-one advising and are strongly encouraged to complete at least one research project under the supervision of a faculty member. More informally, we also host an annual fall picnic, spring bowling party, departmental banquet, and annual Twins outing.

Can a student graduate with a psychology degree in four years?
Any student entering UWRF as a psychology major who enrolls in a minimum of 15 credits a semester (a typical full-time load) can graduate within four years. All students receive one-on-one advising that should help make this possible, even for those with transfer credits or who have switched majors.

Do students have an opportunity to do research?

The psychology department realizes that research experience is important both for students considering graduate school as well as those seeking employment directly after graduation. In addition to at least one mandatory research project as part of the Research Methods course, we encourage all students to complete independent research under the supervision of a faculty member or take our Advanced Research Methods course. Each year many students and faculty present their collaborative work at the Midwestern Psychological Association Conference (Chicago) or other local or national research conferences (National Council on Undergraduate Research).

Do students have an opportunity to get "hands-on" training is psychology?
The psychology department realizes that applied experiences are important for both graduate work and direct employment. Psychology students at UWRF have access to applied experience via our internship program.

Can I get a job with an undergraduate degree in psychology?
Most parents are aware that the most practical goal of a college education is employment. Knowledge for career opportunities, however, may be less certain. The majority of our students go directly into either Human Services, Health Care, or Education. An increasing number of students go directly into a graduate program (Masters or PhD), with most of those entering either Mental Health Counseling or School Counseling/School Psychology.

How do you assist students in making the transition from high school to college?
We have several programs designed to help new students adjust to college life and increase their chances to succeed academically. All first-year psychology students are registered as part of our Psychology Learning Community. As part of this community, they are registered for a smaller, more personalized section of Psychology 101: General Psychology as well as Psychology 201: Behavioral Statistics. We also reserve a special introductory section of English 100 just for them. In this way, all our new students are able to take several courses together that are designed for them.

In addition, all first-year students are given a special advisor who meets with them a little more often than a regular faculty advisor (every other week or so) and sets up special sessions for them to learn more about the university and the field of psychology.

How do I apply?

Applications and much more information can be found at our Admissions Web page.

It's probably quite obvious by now that the Department of Psychology at UWRF is very proud of its students, faculty, program, and facilities. If possible, please take time to visit our campus during campus visit days. One of the faculty would be happy to talk with you and show you around the department.