Resource Links
Resource Links

American Psychological Association (APA)link
This link is to the American Psychology Association. This organization has approximately 130,000 members and 50 divisions with a wide variety of subspecialties. Within this link you will find a lot of information concerning both academic and applied issues in psychology.

American Psychological Society (APS)link
The American Psychological Society has more than 10,000 members and is the largest general psychology organization focusing mainly on research. This link provides individuals with access to a plethora of information on teaching and research. One especially helpful feature is a link to many psychology department web sites.

Divisions of the American Psychological Associationlink
The American Psychological Association currently consists of areas of specialization referred to as "divisions." In this informative site you will find descriptions of all current divisions, from Division 1: General Psychology to Division 51: The Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity.

Psi Chi Home Pagelink

This link provides access to a colorful and interactive site containing information about Psi Chi, which is the International Honor Society in Psychology. Both potential and current Psi Chi members will find this site a great place to visit.

Social Psychology Networklink

This highly informative link (based at Wesleyan University) provides access to a ton of information of interest to social psychologists including: a rank-ordered list of U.S. Ph.D. graduate programs in psychology, home pages of some social psychologists, and access to other sites dedicated to social psychology.