Travis ClassDepartment of Psychology Mission Statement

We strive to acquaint students with research findings and theories in numerous areas. This goal is accomplished through a curricular structure that ensures students first take courses in statistics and research methods before moving on to a variety of other courses that will acquaint them with the fascinating subfields of psychology (e.g., learning and motivation, memory and thinking, human development, abnormal psychology, and social psychology). Our department also recognizes that many students are seeking careers in human services and other applied fields, thus, we offer a variety of courses and experiences that enable students to apply psychological principles to promote human welfare.

Some Departmental Highlights:
*We have a cohort program for all incoming freshman. These students take several courses together, share a common advisor, and are invited to special presentations throughout the first year. This program is designed to help students adjust to college and get to know the faculty and the campus.

*We provide a special online course in Careers in Psychology. This course helps students learn about their career and graduate school options and allows each student to develop an individual career plan.

*Each year 15-20 students make research presentations at national and regional conferences on projects that they have done with faculty members.

*Despite having a large number of majors and minors, faculty meet personally with students each semester for advising. We definitely recommend that students take advantage of our availability and get to know us!

*We have strong student groups including the Psi Chi chapter which is active and sponsors several recurring social events each year from our Fall Picnic to Winter Bowling to annual Twins Games.

*Several of our former students have gone on to Master's and PhD Programs. Thomas Hassett recently graduated and moved on to Emory University to study Neuroscience and Animal Behavior. Sarah Wood received a PhD in Social Psychology from Northern Illinois University and now teaches at UW-Stout. Bryan Bodrog, another former student now holds a Master's Degree in Counseling from UW-Madison and now works with veterans at the St. Paul Veterans Administration. All of these students were active in the Department, got to know us through research and social outings, and keeps in contact as their careers progress.