Welcome to the Psychology Department!

We would love for you to be a part of our department. We pride ourselves on being a strong program that welcomes both First-Year and Transfer students. Our policies allow us to accept multiple forms of AP credit, PSEO, as well as college credit earned through other colleges and universities. We pair all incoming students Day One with a Faculty advisor (full-time departmental faculty only) who will work one-on-one with each advisee providing individualized advice and guidance. In addition, all new First-Year students will have the benefit of enrolling in the Psychology Learning Community, our innovative cohort model that provides numerous opportunities for connections with other First-Year students.

Unique Opportunities in Psychology

Student Research Opportunities: Conduct a study in psychology and work one-on-one with a faculty supervisor. Each year our students present their research at regional and national conferences and most receive grant funding for their travel expenses.

Study Abroad: Travel to another country during the summer or over the course of a regular semester and earn credits towards your psychology degree. We have a variety of programs to choose from including Wisconsin in Scotland and multi-city European Compass Program, among others.

Internships and Career Planning: Develop your individualized career plan (a required part of our major) and gain some hands-on experience through an internship. Our proximity to sites in both Wisconsin and the Twin Cities give our students a unique advantage.