Conditioning Lab


Litter of pups assigned to an experiment focusing on the effects of environmental

enrichment and two chemical compounds on spatial memory and self-control



Typically, rats in the department's animal colony are maintained in group cages

The above photograph depicts an exception to this practice for purposes of research



Four cagemates who happen to be sisters



Animals assigned to an enriched-rearing condition



Tom Hassett—a reflective student with a talent for experimental design—

implements a variety of conditioning procedures in the lab



Radial Arm Maze



Rat's performance in the radial arm maze is used to asses its spatial memory



This Med Associates interface enables a computer to control devices

such as cue lamps and feeders in each of several operant chambers



Rat displays self-control by choosing a stimulus correlated with a large amount of food

after a long delay—as opposed to one correlated with a small amount of food after a short delay



Poster presented at eighty-first annual meeting of Midwestern Psychological Association:

Effects of Sustained Administration of Bupropion

on Spatial Learning, Self-Control and Emotionality in Ratsdocument