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Signing Up for Sign-up EventsFYE Chemistry-020sm

The following events will be offered all day, with teams signing up for a time slot via the Self-Schedule feature in Avogadro prior to the tournament.  Time slots will be available to teams on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Teams that do not sign up for an event prior to the tournament but would like to compete will have the opportunity to choose among the remaining time slots the day of the tournament. 

Magnetic Levitation
Elastic Launch Glider
Mission Possible
Bungee Drop

The schedules for each event will be available to coaches via Mendel. Each event venue will have the full schedule posted at that site for the convenience of spectators and competitors.

Elastic Launch Glider:
This event will be held in a dance rehearsal room in the basement of Karges Center, room 10. Please remove your shoes. The room is approximately 14 meters wide by 22 meters deep. There is approximately 6.4 meters of vertical clearance beneath an open girder network at the ceiling.

Competitors should be prepared to go outdoors and possible go through snow. This is January in northern Wisconsin! The event supervisor will meet teams in the First Floor Lobby of the University Center, at the north side of the building.

Schedule of Events

Coming soon

Auditing Events

Due to the expected large number of teams, we have decided to not allow teams to audit events due to space concerns and time concerns with our event supervisors.  Auditors will only be allowed under special circumstances.  Please contact Earl Blodgettmail if you have any questions about this policy.