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The UWRF Observatory is equipped with a 16-inch Meade computer-controlled LX200GPS mounted under the dome, three portable telescopes (two 12-inch Meade LX200 and one 18-inch Obsession Dobsonian), Coronado SolarMax60 and PST Solar Telescopes.  We also have two parallel RadioJOVE telescopes installed on the roof of Rodli Hall across the street, in addition to a number of QuarkNet cosmic ray air shower detectors running at various times throughout the year.

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The newly remodeled Digital Dome Planetarium is available for group shows and may be scheduled during the day or evening. The cost per show for groups is $25 payable to the Physics Department. Maximum seating capacity is approximately 40 people.

Richard D. Swensen Sundial

The sundial was designed by emeriti Dr. John Shepherd. It is located on the south wall of the Kleinpell Fine Arts (KFA) building which is located on Cascade Avenue just west of Centennial Science Hall. It faces the new University Center along the main east-west walkway through the center of Campus.

A history and directions for reading the sundial are available at What's in a Name.

PHYSICS Talks and Observatory Viewing

Wednesday, March 30     5:15 PM - Agricultural Science Building 200
"What Would Life on Mars Look Like?" presented by Dr. Thomas Hickson, University of St. Thomas
*No observatory viewing on March 30th

Thomas Hickson is professor of geology and environmental science at the University of St. Thomas.  He graduated from Stanford University in 1999 and completed a post-doc at the St. Anthony Falls Lab immediately before coming on board the St. Thomas faculty in 2000.  He is engaged in active collaborative scholarship with undergraduate students to understand the tectonics, paleoclimate, and landscape evolution of the Lake Mead region (Nevada) during the Miocene.

Monday, May 2     8:00 PM - Centennial Science Hall 271
"Who Really Discovered the Expansion of the Universe?" presented by Dr. Rellen Hardtke

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