Geology Field Trips & Research Projects

Field Trips

Field trips are an important part of any geologist's education. In addition to having field trips in many of our classes, we have a 12-15 day Regional Geology excursion each year to a different part of the country (or even other countries). Past trips have included visits to Colorado, Texas, Wyoming, Minnesota, Quebec, Nevada, Utah, Ontario, Florida and more. Photos accessed from thumbnails on the pages below are intentionally large to ensure high quality printing. They may appear larger than your screen. If you wish to use one of these photos in another web site, or a publication, please contact

Research Projects

Each year seniors participate in a variety of research projects. These projects are designed so that students experience the "discovery" of research, including measuring and interpreting their own data. The research projects culminate in a presentation modeled on the Geological Society of America professional meetings. This makes our graduates more capable of competing in graduate school and in the workplace, since the experience gives them a better understanding of the worth of, and the pitfalls associated with, research.

  • David Ditbrenner - Changing Patterns of Water Movement and Sediment Deposits during Fall 2010 in a Reservoir at River Falls WI (Advisor:Dr. Kerry Keen)
  • Kristin Liberatore - Electrical Resistivity Imaging Survey in Aitkin County, MN (Advisor: Ian Williams)
  • Marcus Mussy - Gravity Mapping the Hastings Fault, Hudson, WI (Advisor: Ian Williams)
  • Chelsea Payne - The Status of Three Possible Cretaceous Localities in West-Central Wisconsin (Advisors: Dr. Mike Middleton, Dr. Holly Dolliver)
  • Ryan Peterson - Ryan Peterson Geologic Walking Tour of Interstate Park St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin (Advisor: Dr. William Cordua)

  • Randy Crandell - Ice Thickness Determination on Europa Through Impact Crater Analysis. (Advisor: Ian Williams)
  • Kyle Kubitza , Effects of large woody debris jams on channel morphology and sediment distribution in a first order Wisconsin stream. (Advisor: Dr. Holly Dolliver)
  • Ashley L. Murray Alternative Techniques in Preventing Erosion on the ST. Peter Sandstone of River Falls, WI (Advisor: Dr. Ian Williams).
  • Owolabi Ademola - 3D Geological Model of West Waha and Worsham Bayer Field, West Texas (Advisor: Dr. Ian Williams)
  • Roy Christianson - Analysis of well MW-10 The New Richmond Core. (Advisor: Dr. Kerry Keen)
  • Alex Jones - Compressing Simple Materials in a Hand-Powered Compression Apparatus (Advisor: Dr. Ian Williams)
  • Angie Malchow - Miocene Shark Tooth Hill Locality, Kern County, California (Advisor: Dr. Michael Middleton)
  • Brett Mulhern - Stream morphology, sediment and velocity distribution of two stream segments of the South Fork, River Falls, WI (Advisors: Dr. Kerry Keen, Dr. Holly Dolliver)
  • Amy Nachbor - Nugget Lake County Park: A New Geology Program (Advisor: Dr. William Cordua)
  • Patti Roettger - An Elasmosaur from the Upper Cretaceous Bearpaw Shale of East Central Montana (Advisor: Dr. Michael Middleton)
  • Laura Murphy - Depositonal environment of the volcanoclastic rocks of the Imas and Disappointment Lake area (Advisor: Dr. William Cordua)
  • Erin Glunz - Variable development of weathering profiles in the St. Peter Sandstone near an unconformity" (Advisor: Dr. Kerry Keen).
  • Benjamin Hoyt - Simple Computer application of Stereonet Projections. (Advisor:Dr. Ian Williams)
  • Christina Morrison - Analysis of the Paleokarst Fills in the Hanley Road- Cut in the Oneota formation (Prairie du Chien Group), Hudson, Wisconsin. (Advisor: Dr. Kerry Keen)
  • Roy Zeman - "Gold in our Backyard" (Advisor: Dr. William Cordua)
  • Samantha Saxton - The Precambrian Geologic History of the Opelt Quarry, Neillsville, Wisconsin (Advisor: Dr. William Cordua)
  • Kristin Borup - Late Cretaceous Mammals of the Montgomery Ranch Locality,Hell Creek Formation Rosebud County, Montana (Advisor: Dr. Michael Middleton)
  • Laura Hagen - Detection of a Cave through Gravity Measurements. (Dr. Williams)
  • Candy Hougo - "Preparation of a Dinosaur Bone", (Advisor: Dr. Michael Middleton)
  • Joe Hudak - Geological Glacial Modeling Project (Advisor: Dr. William Cordua)
  • Paul Karlstad - Esker Discharge Energy of Pleistocene Glacial Deposits in Carlton and Pine Counties, MN and Burnett and Polk Counties, WI (Advisor: Dr. Robert Baker)
  • Megan Koch - Geologic Structures of Car Wrecks. (Dr. Williams)
  • Ally Nestrud - Simulating Salt Crystal Growth in Sedimentary Environments" (Advisor: Dr. Kerry Keen)
  • Perry Ponshock - Cambrian-Ordovician Stratigraphy Paleo-Karst Features and Implications for Faulting Near the Hanley Road cut, St. Croix County Wisconsin (Dr. Kerry Keen)
  • Ross Wehrle - Geomorphology of Europa. (Dr. Williams)
  • Anders Wicklund - The Geological History of the Flambeau Mine" (Advisor: Dr. William Cordua)
  • Stina Andrews - Investigation of mystery fossils from the Prairie du Chien group in the vicinity of River Falls, WI (Advisor: Dr. Michael Middleton)
  • Allison Duchateau Locations of Decorah Shale in Pierce County (Advisor: Dr. William Cordua)
  • Kristie Leland - Gravitron- a gravity anomaly. (Dr. Williams)
  • Zach Nelson - Using Geographic Information Systems to Analyze Karst Topography in Woodville, Wisconsin (Advisor: Dr. Kerry Keen)
  • Nick Vreeland - Quantifying the Degree of Strain in a Basal Till: Implications for the bed conditions of the Lake Michigan Lobe (Advisor: Dr. Robert Baker)
  • Josh Zwadlo - 3-D Seismics using Kingdom Suite. (Dr. Williams)
  • Devon Brecke - Age Determination of the Nokhu Rock Glacier, Colorado, USA, through a Lichenometric Analysis (Advisor: Dr. Robert Baker)
  • Amanda Gross - History of Precambrian Rocks in Chippewa Falls, WIÓ (Advisor: Dr. William Cordua)
  • Jon Jarvis - Locating the Northern Extension of the Hastings Fault in Willow River State Park, St. Croix County Wisconsin (Advisor: Dr. Ian Williams)
  • Apryl Jennrich - Jbsim: a computer simulation program (Advisor: Dr. Ian Williams)
  • Cris Merta - Faunal Diversity in Maastrichtian age microfossils of the Hell Creek Formation near Forsyth, MT (Advisor: Dr. Michael Middleton)
  • Elizabeth Roepke - Simulation of Martian craters: The presence of water and its effect (Advisor: Dr. Ian Williams)
  • Kate Sykora - Submarine Growth Faults (Advisor: Dr. Ian Williams)
  • Mike Thoma Relationships between Stream Profiles, Slopes, Orientation and Bedrock Geology (Advisor: Dr. Kerry Keen)

  • Jeff Bruesewitz - (Advisor: Dr. William Cordua)
  • Meghan Claussen -
  • Becky Dahlke - Sandbox Experiments Modeling the Activation and the Reactivation of Growth Faults. (Advisor: Dr. Williams)
  • Ben Gray -
  • Andy Gunderson - Salt Crystal Molds in the Prairie Du Chien Group (Advisor: Dr. Michael Middleton)
  • Jenni Hopfensperger - Realistic Craters. (Advisor: Dr. Williams)
  • Brian Nederloe - Strength Tests on the St. Peter Sandstone and Their Relationship to the Erosion of the River Falls Beltline Project (Advisor: Dr. Ian Williams)
  • Bobby Turnquist - Vertebrate Fauna of the Rex Hill Locality, Hell Creek Formation, Late Cretaceous (Advisor: Dr. Michael Middleton)
  • Tamara J. Wittmer - Evaluation Groundwater Interactionswith the South Fork of the Kinnickinnic River, River Falls, Wisconsin. (Advisor: Dr. Kerry Keen)
  • Andrew Young - Is there till in Buffalo County, Wisconsin? (Advisor: Dr. Robert Baker)
  • Alyssa Boock
  • Michelle Dupey, Evaluation of St. Croix County's ground water quality by means of spatial and graphical analysis (Advisor: Dr. Kerry Keen)
  • Jill Ewald - Post-Prairie du Chien faulting near Hastings, MN and its relationship to the Midcontinental Rift System. (Advisor:Dr. Williams)
  • Linda Kiesow - Shoreline erosion of the Trout Brook deltas, Afton State Park, MN (Advisor: Dr. Robert Baker)
  • Josh Hubin - SEM imaging of fossil bacteria in copper ore rocks from the Flambeau Copper Mine, Ladysmith, Wisconsin (Advisor: Dr. William Cordua)
  • Chris Peters - Paleontology of the Rock Elm Disturbance, Pierce County, Wisconsin ( Co-advisors: Dr. William Cordua and Dr. Mike Middleton)
  • Jeff Starck - Petrography and analysis of a granite quarry and associated features in central Wisconsin (Advisor: Dr. William Cordua)

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