Year/Mo. Visitor Event Description

March 23

William T. Boehm
retired senior vice president at Kroger Co. and president of Kroger Manufacturing, and UWRF distinguished alumnus

William T. Boehm                             Photos by Jens Gunelson

Lecture: "Ethics Do Matter," presented by the spring 2010 Executive-in-Residence, who focused on three key elements necessary in the decision making process; Boehm also spoke with students in Associate Professor Brenda Boetel's World Food and Population class [sponsored by the College of Business and Economics]
William Boehm

March 26

George Kuh
Chancellor's Professor of Higher Education at Indiana University Bloomington, and director of the Center for Postsecondary Research

George Kuh                     Photo by Jens Gunelson

Presentation: Dr. Kuh spoke to faculty, staff, students, and guest about high impact educational practices, including specific recommendations for UWRF based on data from the National Survey of Student Engagement, an assessment instrument he founded; his visit was part of events leading to the inauguration of Chancellor Dean Van Galen

April 26

Vaness M. Gezari, Washington, D.C.-based writer who covers national and international affairs; Jason Motlagh, freelance journalist based in Istanbul whose reporting focus includes India, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka; moderated by Dr. Patricia Berg, UWRF journalism professor

Lecture: "Fragile States from Sudan to Afghanistan" [Working Journalists Seminar Series, sponsored by UWRF Journalism Department and The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting]

September 25

Golden Dragon Acrobats

Golden Dragon Acrobats                           Photo by Jens Gunelson

Performance: Traditional dance, spectacular costumes, and ancient and contemporary music created a performance of breathtaking skill and beauty for the large audience, held in Abbott Concert Hall [Wyman Performing Arts and Speakers Series]

October 1

Heide E. Erdrich
author (National Monuments, Fishing for Myth, The Mother's Tongue) and member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Ojibway

Conference: Erdrich spoke at the fourth annual Undergraduate Conference on Critical and Creative Engagement [sponsored by the UWRF Literary Society and UWRF English Department]

October 1

Chan E. Park
associate professor of Korean Studies at the Ohio State University

Chan E. Park                    Photo by Jens Gunelson

Concert: Infusing East Asia Workshop, Dr. Park entertained and educated the audience about Pansori, a popular form of Korean traditional music usually performed by a singer and a percussionist

October 7

Elaine Tyler May
History and American Studies professor at the University of Minnesota

Elaine Tyler May                    Photo by Jens Gunelson

Lecture: "Security Against Democracy: The Legacy of the Cold War at Home," Dr. May's lecture examined democracy and security during the Cold War [4th annual Edward N. Peterson Lecture Series, sponsored by the History and Philosophy Department]

October 14

Kenneth W. Morris
CEO of Apercu Group and a nationally-known author and speaker on diversity issues and effective leadership

Kenneth W. Morris                           Photo by Jens Gunelson


Lecture: "Building Your Brand: A Leadership Fundamental" delivered by the Fall 2010 Executive-in-Residence, who also spoke to students in the classroom [sponsored by the College of Business and Economics]

November 16

Johan de Meij
award-winning Dutch composer

Johan de Meij                   Photo by Jens Gunelson

Concert: "The Music of Johan de Meij," with de Meig conducting the UWRF Symphony Band and Saint Croix Valley Symphony Orchestra

November 18

Jeff Zeleny
national political correspondent for The New York Times

Jeff Zeleny                   Photo by Jens Gunelson

Presentation: Zeleny spoke about the 2010 election to students in the afternoon and again in the evening to approximately 300 students and community members [Working Journalists Seminar, sponsored by the UWRF Journalism Department, The New York Times, and the American Democracy Project]

November 18

Sha' Cage
Minneapolis-based spoken word artist

Sha' Cage                           Photo by Jens Gunelson

Performance: the talented Cage presented a thought-provoking spoken word performance to a packed house, which also featured UWRF student performances [sponsored by the Black Student Union and Falcon Programs]

November 30

Boyd Huppert
KARE-11 TV journalist and UWRF distinguished alumnus

Boyd Huppert                   Photo by Jens Gunelson

Guest Speaker: in the Principles of Journalism class, where Huppert described his storytelling process and gave career advice

December 2

Kurt Zuelke
director of the National Animal Disease Research Center and UWRF alumnus

Kurt Zuelke                   Photo by Jens Gunelson

Lecture: "Science, Medicine, and Agriculture: A Perfect Mix for Building Your Dream Career," presented to about 100 students and other interested persons; Dr. Zuelke's visit was part of a developing collaborative research relationship between the UWRF Tissue and Cellular Innovation Center (TCIC) and the National Animal Disease Research Center (NDAC)

February 24

Manal Hamzeh
assistant professor of Sociology and Women's Studies at New Mexico State University

Speech: "De-veiling the Hijabs and Arab-Muslim Feminisms," this year's Women's History Month featured speaker; UWRF Assistant Professor Michelle Parkinson said that "Dr. Hamzeh's talk is particularly important because of her unique perspective as herself an arabyyah/muslimah in exile from her home country of Jordan, and her work on the hijab, or veil, in relation to young Muslim women"

March 23

Brad Hewitt
president and CEO of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

Brad Hewitt                   Photo by Jens Gunelson

Lecture: "Social Business and Social Capital—What's Old is New Again" delivered by the spring 2011 Executive-in-Residence, who also spoke to students in the classroom [sponsored by the College of Business and Economics]

March 31

Wing Young Huie
award-winning cultural photographer

Wing Young Huie                           Photo by Jens Gunelson

Presentation: "Identity and the American Landscape" [Working Journalists Seminar Series, sponsored by the Journalism Department]

April 11

Tim Wise
renowned anti-racist writer and educator

Lecture: "Challenging Racism, Privilege and Denial in the Age of Obama," Wise examined his book Between Barack and a Hard Place: Racism and White Denial in the Age of Obama; a goal of this event was to encourage a discussion about the impact and influence of race [Social Justice Series, sponsored by the Ethnic Studies Department, Falcon Programs, Residence Life, and Women's and Gender Studies Department]

October 27

Dale Lindquist
president and CEO of Fiberstar, Inc.

Lecture: "Reflections, Contemporary Venture and Vision of an Entrepreneur," presented by this semester's Executive-in-Residence [sponsored by the College of Business and Economics]

October 27

Howie Padilla
public information officer for the Saint Paul Police Department

Lecture: "Reporters and Public Relations Professionals: Fraternal Twins" [Working Journalists Seminar Series, sponsored by the Journalism Department]

November 17

Temple Grandin
professor of Animal Science, Colorado Sate University

Temple Grandin

Presentation: "The World Needs All Kinds of Minds," Grandin, internationally renowned public figure and pioneer for the autistic community and as a designer of livestock facilities that improve animal welfare and productivity, spoke to classes during the day and gave a public presentation to an overflow crowd in Abbott Concert Hall in the evening [sponsored by the College of Agriculture]

December 12

David Swensen
chief investment officer for Yale University, former member of the President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board, and UWRF distinguished alumnus
David Swensen

Presentation: "Pioneering Portfolio Management," given to campus and community members in the University Center

David Swensen               Photos by Kathy M. Helgeson

January 27

Valerie Purdie-Vaughns
assistant professor of Psychology at Columbia University

Valerie Purdie-Vaughns                   Photo by Kathy M. Helgeson

Presentation: on stereotype awareness and action for faculty, staff, and students at the University Center; "Staff and faculty require ongoing dialogue about how to talk about race and identity," Dr. Purdie-Vaughns advised

2012 February 10

Tiyumba African Drum & Dance Co.,
featuring choreographer and master dancer/ drummer Fatawu Sayibu

Tiyumba African Drum and Dance Company, February 10, 2012                   Photo by Kathy M. Helgeson

Performance: for the annual African Night, in the Falcon's Nest in the University Center [sponsored by the Black Student Union (BSU)]

February 24

Leonard Foy
jazz trumpeter and professor of trumpet/jazz studies at Depauw University's School of Music

Leonard Foy                   Photo by Kathy M. Helgeson

Concert: RADD Jazz Series guest artist Foy played trumpet with the UWRF Jazz Ensemble in Abbott Concert Hall, kicking off the 2012 UW-River Falls Jazz Festival; Dr. Foy also played with the UWRF Faculty Jazz Group and with Stolen Moments in the Falcon's Nest for a UWRF Jazz Club Cabaret Concert

February 29

Michelle Alexander
long-time civil rights advocate, litigator, and author

Lecture: Alexander spoke about her book, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness [Wyman Performing Arts and Speaker Series, sponsored by Falcon Programs]

March 20

Duchess Harris
associate professor of American Studies at Macalester College

Duchess Harris                   Photo by Kathy M. Helgeson

Speech: "Black Feminist Politics in the Age of Obama," Dr. Harris was the Women's History Month featured speaker

March 22

Duchesne Drew
managing editor of operations at the Minneapolis StarTribune

Duchesne Drew                   Photo by Kathy M. Helgeson

Lecture: "The StarTribune's Digital Strategy," Drew gave insights about the newspaper's digital plan [Working Journalists Seminar Series, sponsored by the Journalism Department]

March 27

Clarke Garry, UWRF Biology professor emeritus, and Gaylord Schanilec, artist

Clarke Garry                   Photo by Kathy M. Helgeson

Presentation: "Mayflies of the Driftless Region," a book authored and illustrated by the pair; the presentation was for the 10th anniversary of Celebrating Research, Scholarship and Creative Achievement (CRSCA) [sponsored by Chalmer Davee Library]

March 30

Jon Scholl, president of American Farmland Trust, and Martin Lowery, vice president of external affairs for the National Rural Electric Co-op

Keynote Speakers for the inaugural Rod Nilsestuen Legacy Event, "Feeding the World, Sustaining the Land, Inspiring Cooperative Action"

April 3

S. Mark Tyler
founder and president of OEM Fabricators, Inc., in Woodville

S. Mark Tyler                    Photos by Kathy M. Helgeson

Lecture: In "Defining and Achieving Success" Executive-in-Residence Tyler drew from his personal experiences to demonstrate that setbacks, failures, and difficulties need not be barriers to success; Tyler also spent time with students in the classroom [co-sponsored by the College of Business and Economics and WESTconsin Credit Union]
S. Mark Tyler

May 4

Cloud Cult, Jeremy Messersmith,
The Bad Habits Brass
musical groups

Concert: for Finals Fest [sponsored by Falcon Programs]
Finals Fest 2012

October 1

Julie L. Bushman
executive vice president at 3M and UWRF alumnus
Julie Bushman

Lecture: "Transformational Leadership," delivered by this semester's Executive-in-Residence; Bushman spoke to a management class in the morning, participated in a luncheon, and delivered her lecture in the afternoon in the Riverview Ballroom [sponsored by the College of Business and Economics]

October 3

Zach Wahls
same-sex marriage advocate and author of My Two Moms: Lessons of Love, Strength, and What Makes a Family

Presentation: "What Makes a Family?" Wahls shared his experience growing up with two mothers and becoming a celebrity after testifying at a court case challenging same-sex marriage in Iowa, and encouraged UWRF students to take advantage of the same social media and Internet sites that helped make his issue famous [Wyman Performing Arts and Speakers Series]

October 24

Ron Johnson
U.S. Senator from Wisconsin

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson

Presentation: on the state of the economy to the Political Science Senior Seminar class, and another to the general public in the University Center

October 26

Rudy J. Koshar
professor of History, German and Religious Studies at UW-Madison
Rudy Koshar

Lecture: "On Stillness: European Political Fiction in the Age of Extremes," presented to students, alumni, and the community in the University Center [Edward N. Peterson Lecture Series, sponsored by the History and Philosophy Department]

October 30

Petrona Melgarejo
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission investigator
Petrona Melgarejo

Presentation: Ms. Melgarejo spoke about how the EEOC enforces federal discrimination laws; the presentation was in Spanish [sponsored by the UWRF Spanish Professions Association]
Petrona Melgarejo

November 8

Lee Tien
senior staff attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, specializing in free speech law, including intersections with intellectual property law and privacy law; Tien also worked as a journalist before joining the EFF

Lecture: "Electronic Frontier Foundation" [Working Journalists Seminar Series, sponsored by the Journalism Department]

2012 November 16

Rev. Bernard Lafayette, Jr.
an authority on nonviolent social change and a civil rights activist involved with the Freedom Riders and SNCC in the 1960s

Bernard Lafayette, Jr, November 16, 2012                    Photo by Kathy M. Helgeson

Lecture: "My Pilgrimage to Kingian Nonviolence," presented by Dr. Lafayette, an associate of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.; he outlined his journey from Tampa, Florida, where he was born, to his understanding of the effectiveness of King's nonviolent approach

2012 December 4

Diego Higuera
owner of a successful company, Simply ¡Tíenda!, located in Bogotá, Columbia
Diego Higuera

Lecture: Higuera spoke about his personal and professional experiences in doing business between the United States and Colombia, about volunteer opportunities, and his time working in Forest Lake in a Spanish immersion school; the presentation was in Spanish [sponsored by the UWRF Spanish Professions Association]

February 22

Mike Stern
one of the premier jazz and jazz-fusion guitarist, six-time Grammy nominee
Mike Stern

Concert: RADD Jazz Series guest artist Stern played guitar with the UWRF Faculty Jazz Group in the Falcon's Nest and with the UWRF Jazz Ensemble in Abbott Concert Hall [sponsored by the UWRF Music Department and the UWRF Office of Student Life]

Mike Stern               Photos by Kathy M.  Helgeson

March 13

Jose Antonio Vargas
Vargas wrote the June 2011 cover story for Time magazine titled "We Are Americans, Just Not Legally" and brought the term "undocumented Americans" into popular discourse as a way to describe the country's 11.5 million undocumented immigrants; Vargas founded Define American, a nonprofit organization, to elevate and reframe the immigration conversation

Lecture: "How Do We Define American?"  [Working Journalist Series, sponsored by the Journalism Department, and the Wyman Series, sponsored by the Office of Student Life]

March 20-21

Fang Man
Chinese-born composer living in the United States; she is currently a research assistant professor at the University of South Carolina
Fang Man (right)

Commissioned Composer Concert: world premiere of "Concerto for Piano, Percussion and Wind Instruments" on March 21 [the Commissioned Composer Project is sponsored by the Music Department]
In the photo to the left, Man (on right) explains layers in her work to music education students and UWRF Associate Professor Kristin Tjornehoj in a KFA music room on March 20

March 21

Ruth Evans
professor of English at St. Louis University and executive director of the New Chaucer Society
Ruth Evans

Lecture: "Two Become One?: Sexual Anxieties in Late Medieval English Romances," Evans spoke in the Kinnickinnic Theater as part of Women's History Month [sponsored by the Women's and Gender Studies program]

April 5

Jonathon Scholl
president of American Farmland Trust

Jonathon Scholl, April 5, 2013                    Photo by Kathy M. Helgeson

Keynote Speaker: "What Are the Best Uses of Rural Land and Water Resources in the 21st Century" for the world to feed itself as its population continues to grow [Rod Nilsestuen Legacy Event]

2013 October 22

Shannon Zimmerman
CEO of Sajan

Shannon Zimmerman Oct. 22, 2013                    Photo by Kathy M. Helgeson

Lecture, presented by the 22nd Executive-in-Residence, in the UWRF University Center; Zimmerman discussed the founding of Sajan in 1997, a global language translation services, software localization and cloud-based translation management software company that is headquartered in River Falls [sponsored by the College of Business and Economics]

2013 October 24

Dr. Kathleen Neils Conzen
Thomas E. Donnelley Professor Emerita of American History, The University of Chicago

Kathleen Neils Conzen, 2013 Peterson Lecturer, October 24, 2013                   Photo by Kathy M. Helgeson


Lecture: In "German Immigrants, Transatlantic Ties, and the Perils of American Pluralism, 1840-1940" Conzen addressed the German immigrant experience to explore the links between migration processes and community formation, the construction and reconstruction of ethnic identities, the relationship between religious, ethnic, and regional cultures, and the political integration of immigrants into the national community [Edward N. Peterson Lecture Series, sponsored by the History and Philosophy Department]

2013 October 24

Byron Hurt

Byron Hurt, Oct. 25, 2013                    Photo by Kathy M. Helgeson

Film Screening and Discussion: Hurt began the evening with a screening of his acclaimed film, Soul Food Junkies, which explores the health advantages and disadvantages of the quintessential American cuisine, Soul Food; Hurt uses Soul Food as the lens to investigate the dark side of the food industry and the growing food justice movement that has been born in its wake [Wyman Performing Arts and Speaker Series]

2013 November 5

Zagreb Saxophone Quartet
musicians: graduates of the Zagreb Academy of Music under the tutelage of Josip Nochta, the Quartet has been performing with its current members since 1989

Concert: The Zagreb Quartet brings a superb level of artistry to their performances with a level of technique and expressiveness beautifully showcased in a blend of classic saxophone literature and exciting new compositions [Wyman Performing Arts and Speaker Series]

2013 November 15

Phillip Phillips
singer, "American Idol" season 11 winner

Phillip Phillips, Nov. 15, 2013                    Photo by Deb Toftness

Performance: Phillips performed in front of an energetic crowd in Knowles Center; after the opening band DUGAS, Phillips wowed the crowd with his songs including "Gone, Gone, Gone" and ended the concert with "Home" [sponsored by Office of Student Life]

2013 December 6

Charmin Michelle
jazz vocalist based in Minneapolis

Charmin Michelle, guest vocalist for the RADD Jazz Swing Dance, December 6, 2013                             Photos by Kathy M. Helgeson

Performance: Charmin Michelle was the guest vocalist at the Holiday Swing Dance featuring the UWRF Jazz Ensmble; presented as part of the RADD Jazz Series [sponsored by the Music Department and the Office of Student Life]
Vocalist Charmin Michelle with the UWRF Jazz Ensemble, December 6, 2013

2014 February 14-15

Matt Harris
Los Angeles-based jazz pianist and composer

Concerts: Harris was the guest artist with the UWRF Faculty Jazz Group (14th) and the UWRF Jazz Ensemble (15th); presented as part of the RADD Jazz Series [sponsored by the Music Department and the Office of Student Life]

2014 February 20-21

Eric Deggans
National Public Radio's first full-time TV critic; author of Race-Baiter: How the Media Wields Dangerous Words to Divide a National

Eric Deggans, speaking on Media, Race and Stereotypes, February 20, 2014                            Photos by Kathy M. Helgeson

Speaker: in his talk on "Media, Race and Stereotypes," Deggans discussed issues of race portrayal and stereotypes in the media to a group gathered in the Kinnickinnic Theater in the University Center. Deggans also lead a session during the Reporting on Race, Gender and Ethnicity Seminar held at the Hudson Center on February 21; the annual seminar was designed to look at the role that race and ethnicity play in newsrooms and reporting and how to recruit a diverse news staff  [co-sponsored by the Bank Center for Interdisciplinary Inquiry and the UWRF Journalism Department]
Eric Deggans leading a Journalism seminar, February 21, 2014

2014 March 29

One Voice Mixed Chorus, with special guest artist Melanie DeMore, and teens from Avenues for Homeless Youth

Special guest artist Melanie DeMore with the One Voice Mixed Chorus, March 29, 2014                  Photo by Kathy M. Helgeson

Concert: One Voice Mixed Chorus, the nation's largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and straight alliance chorus, performed in Abbott Concert Hall [Wyman Performing Arts and Speaker Series]

2014 March 31

Stephen Metcalf
president and CEO of Air Motion Systems

Executive-in-Residence Stephen Metcalf, March 31, 2014                   Photo by Kathy M. Helgeson

Lecture: Spring 2014 Executive-in-Residence Stephen "Steve" Metcalf presented "It's Not WHO You Know, but HOW . . . and Other Strategies from a Global CEO" in the Riverview Ballroom of the University Center; Metcalf also  talked to students in the ECON 480 Senior Seminar class held in South Hall [co-sponsored by the College of Business and Economics and the First National Bank of River Falls]

2014 April 1-3

Guy Klucevsek
versatile and highly-respected accordionist, and the UWRF 2014 Commissioned Composer

Concert and Residency: The annual Commissioned Composer Project concert was April 3, and featured many works by Klucevsek, as well as the world premiere of the commissioned work, "Little Big Top (suite)" [sponsored by the UWRF Music Department ]  

2014 April 4

Tom Lyon
former CEO of Cooperative Resources International and former UW regent

Keynote Address: Lyon spoke on the changes that are facing agricultural producers and the companies in the food economy, and the skills and attributes that new leaders must develop to respond to these changes, in the Kinnickinnic Theatre in the University Center [Nilsestuen Legacy Event]

2014 April 16

Tom Rath
author; senior scientist/advisor at Gallup, Inc.

Lecture: Rath reviewed his latest research on how small choices can affect our health, life, and work; based on his book Eat Move Sleep, published in October 2013 [Wyman Performing Arts and Speaker Series]

2014 April 29

Alberto Fierro
Consul of Mexico in Saint Paul, Minnesota, since 2013; as a member of Mexico's Diplomatic Corps Fierro has served as Consul of Mexico in Orlando, Florida (2010-2013); Director General for Educational and Cultural Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2007-2009); Deputy Director General for North America (2001-2003); Cultural Attaché at the Mexican Embassy in Canada (1998-2001); Deputy Cultural Attaché at the Mexican Embassy in Washington, D.C. (1994-1997); and Director of Cultural Agreements (1992-1994).

Presentation: Consul Fierro, speaking in Spanish, reflected on the challenges Mexico faces with the United States and also its involvement as a member of NAFTA [sponsored by the Spanish Professions Association (SPA)]

2014 May 2

Bob Woodward
two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter and currently assistant managing editor of the Washington Post

Keynote Speaker: for the Third Annual Scholarship Benefit Dinner

2014 June 19

Rebecca Kleefisch, Wisconsin Lt. Governor, and Richard Chandler, Wisconsin Department of Revenue Secretary

Rebecca Kleefisch and Richard Chandler presenting a tax forum at UWRF Hudson Center on June 19, 2014

Forum: Chandler held a tax policy forum at the UWRF Hudson Center on Thursday June 19. During the forum, attended by approximately 30 members of the community, Lt. Governor Kleefisch and Secretary Chandler gathered opinions on the appropriate levels of sales, property, corporate, and income taxes required to fund state and local government services.

2014 December 5

Jeremy Bloom

Discussion: Bloom attended the presentation of his play, "Peter/Wendy," in the Davis Theatre in UWRF's Kleinpell Fine Arts building; a post-show discussion with the playwright followed the performance

                        Photo by Kathy M. Helgeson