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Important items to consider when preparing for your student's transition to UWRF:

  • We have taken the time to discuss our student's expectations, goals, and concerns related to college.

  • We've talked about how we can best help him or her.

  • We have made a commitment as a family to keep the lines of communication open.

  • We have talked with our student about the differences between high school or their previous institution and UWRF and have helped him or her identify strategies for success.

  • We have encouraged our student to get to know his or her professors and seek their help when needed.

  • We understand that some students may struggle to find their place on campus. We have encouraged our student to take part in campus activities and join student organizations.

  • We have discussed the academic, career, and social support services available at UWRF with our student and when and how he or she might use them.

  • Understanding the importance of the academic advisor, we have encouraged our student to meet with his or her advisor often to fine tune educational plans and identify problems early.

  • We have worked with our student to complete the necessary financial assistance forms.

  • We have identified the contributions we will make for our student's future education and which expenses our student will pay.

  • We have reviewed the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) with our student and have talked about what it means for our family.

  • We have asked our student about his or her academic major and have encouraged our student to talk with his or her advisor about any potential major changes.

  • Our student has had an opportunity to share the specifics of his or her daily life with us so we understand where we may offer advice or support.

  • We have discussed the possibility that academic problems may arise with our student and how we might approach working through them.

  • We have asked our student about his or her instructors.

  • We understand that the Department of New Student and Family Programs is a place where, not only our student can get help, but we can receive assistance as well! 

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