Journalism Minor Degree Requirements

Within the context of a broad liberal arts degree program, journalism majors will concentrate on core courses in journalism and mass communication principles, media production and editing, information gathering, writing, reporting practicums and mass communication law.

Electives may be taken in a variety of subject areas such as history of documentary, history of mass communication, public opinion, international communication, mass media and society, media ethics, visual communication, and specialized media writing and production.

Recommended areas of study for a minor or double major include environmental science, political science, philosophy, sociology, psychology, English, art, economics, film studies, geography, history, international studies, agriculture or business. Journalism majors may not double major or minor in the mass communication emphasis offered in the Communication Studies and Theatre Arts department.

A student who desires to teach journalism at the secondary school level would minor in journalism and pursue a degree through the College of Education and Professional Studies.

Journalism Studies Minor 24 cr.

Core Requirements 15 cr.
JOUR 110 Principles and Ethics of Journalism 6 cr.
JOUR 240 Introduction to Visual Communication 3 cr.
JOUR 340 Media Management for News Entrepreneurs 3 cr.
JOUR 465 Mass Communication Law 3 cr.
Directed Electives: Select three from the following: 9 cr.
JOUR 250 The First Amendment in American Society 3 cr.
JOUR 302 History of Documentary 3 cr.
JOUR 305 News in Popular Culture 3 cr.
JOUR 315 Race, Class and News 3 cr.
JOUR 316 Media Ethics 3 cr.
JOUR 319 The Media and American Politics 3 cr.
JOUR 345 History of Mass Communication 3 cr.
JOUR 350 Mass Communication in the Global Age 3 cr.
JOUR 455 Mass Media and Society 3 cr.

Required supporting course: 3 cr.
JOUR 101 Introduction to Mass Communication 3 cr.
(Note that the course also fulfills the General Education ethical citizenship requirement.)

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