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Global Living Community

The Global Living Community was created to provide both international and domestic students with opportunities to learn more about world events, improve understanding of global perspectives, practice foreign language skills, or plan a future that includes international work or service. This internationally focused community is a partnership between International Student Services and the Department of Residence Life. 

Throughout the year, residents of this community will have the opportunity to engage with others who have similar identities and are committed to globalization and will participate in activities that contribute to the creation of a more culturally competent campus community.

Why join the Global Living Community? As with every opportunity, what you get out of the experience depends on what you put into it, but the potential benefits of living this unique community include:

  • A unique living and learning experience offering personal growth and insights
  • Enhanced cross-cultural learning
  • A supportive staff of 7 Resident Assistants
  • A greater understanding about your perceptions of intercultural issues
  • The ability to understand and adapt to cultural differences
  • Enhanced communication skills and a global perspective
  • The possibility of a lifelong friendship that spans across the globe (you might end up with some wonderful places to visit!) 


For more information, visit the Grimm Hall page, McMillan Hall page or email Residence Life.

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