Enrollment Checklist 2

Enrollment Checklist (Fall 2016)

Be sure to complete each item included in the Enrollment Checklist. Each step will help you prepare for your arrival at UWRF.

1. Schedule Your Visa Interview

As soon as possible, please let us know the date, time, location, and appointment number for your visa interview so we can provide additional documentation if necessary. This information should be sent via email to You can learn more about how to prepare for your interview on the Immigration Information webpage.


2. Activate your Falcon Account

All UWRF students have a Falcon Account which gives access to essential university resources necessary to everyday life as a student. You will use this account to check e-mail, log in to computers in computer labs, and log in to eSIS, the system you will use to register for classes and track and monitor your grades and financial information.You will need to activate your account online. 

Please note: The instructions ask you to enter the “Last 4 digits of your Social Security number.”  This is for U.S. students only.  If you do not have American social security cards, you will enter "XXXX" in the corresponding box.


3. Pay Your Housing Deposit

All first and second year undergraduate students, or those under the age of 21, must live on campus. You are required to pay a housing deposit to secure on-campus housing. If you do not plan on living on campus or needing a meal plan, then you can skip the next step. 

4. Housing and Meal Plan Information

Those who live on campus must sign a housing contract with UWRF. UWRF offers 11 residence halls to accommodate students. Costs associated with living on campus, room amenities, configurations, and photographs are available on the Department of Residence Life website.

  • Housing: It's important that you sign your housing contract, pay the housing deposit and select your meal plan: complete these steps here. After you pay your housing deposits, you will be able to click on the bottom button "Sign Your Contract". This will take you to the Housing and Meal Plan Portal where you will complete the housing contract, search for a roommate, complete your profile, and select a meal plan. You will need your UWRF ID number and password to complete this task.
  • Meal Plan: All students living in the nine traditional residence halls and Jesse H. Ames Suites are required to participate in a meal plan. South Fork Suites residents are exempt from this policy, but may find participation in a meal plan provides the convenience, value, and social atmosphere they need. Please visit the Dining Services website to view all the meal plan options available to you.

All international students using funds from outside the U.S. are encouraged to use peerTransfer to pay their housing deposit.


5. Submit Your Travel Plans and Arrival Information

New international students are asked to arrive on Monday, August 29, 2016, to allow adequate time for placement testing, class registration, orientation and Week of Welcome events. In order to prepare for your arrival, all international students are required to submit a Travel Plan Form to International Student Services no later than August 1, 2016. Carefully review the information on the Travel Plans Form BEFORE purchasing your air ticket because there are specific details (times, locations, etc.) that may influence your purchase.


6. Submit Your International Friendship Program Request Form

The International Friendship Program is an excellent way for international students to connect with people in the River Falls community and surrounding area. If you are interested in participating in the program, please complete and submit your IFP request form. You will be matched with a friend as soon as one becomes available.


7. Arrive on Campus and Attend International Student Orientation and Registration Events

These programs are designed to help you meet other students and to familiarize you with campus resources and services. We strongly encourage you to participate in these programs – you’ll learn all you need to know about starting your experience at UWRF. Watch your e-mail for important details about International Student Orientation, class registration, and Week of Welcome programs.


8. Check your UWRF E-mail Account Regularly

UWRF e-mail accounts are the official means of communication for UWRF students. Be sure to check your UWRF e-mail regularly for information about billing policies and procedures, international student services, housing, orientation, registration, and more. Once you’ve activated your Falcon Account, you can check your UWRF e-mail online.


9. Enroll in Health Insurance Coverage 

The University of Wisconsin System mandates that international students and their dependents carry comprehensive health insurance at all times in case of serious illness and accidents. You will be required to purchase the UW System negotiated International Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan. During orientation, we will share additional information about your health  insurance coverage. Please keep in mind, the cost of this health insurance is approximately $1,000+ per year and increases significantly with the addition of dependents. Premiums for this plan will be placed on your University bill. 


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