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Academic Staff (Non-Teaching) Performance Reviewdocument

Academic Staff (Non-Teaching) Performance Review Smart Goalsdocument

Academic Staff (Non-Teaching) Yearly Goalsdocument

Academic Staff Promotions Transmittal Formdocument

Accommodation Requestdocument

Ad Hoc & Emergency Hire Formdocument

Annual Leave Report/UNCLdocument

Catastrophic Leave Donor Authorization/CPlink

Catastrophic Leave Donor Authorization/UNCLdocument

Catastrophic Leave Request/UNCLdocument

Change of Addressdocumentlink
(for all home address changes affecting benefits)
Print, sign, date and return this form to Payroll Office, 218 North Hall.

Change of Address (Home) use My UW Systemlink
(do this IN ADDITION to submitting the printed form above)

Change of Status/University Staff

Leave Without Pay Request/Authorization (CP)

CSAC Discretionary Merit Compensation Justification Narrativedocument

Course Assignment - Instructional Academic Staffdocument

Direct Deposit Authorizationdocumentlink

Discretionary Equity or Retention Adjustmentdocument

Discretionary Merit Compensation Formdocument

Emergency Contact Informationdocument

Employee's Work Injury Forms

Exit Procedure (All Employees)document

Evaluation Performance Review/CPdocument

Family & Medical Leave Requestdocumentlink

Family & Medical Leave Certification by Physiciandocumentlink

Family & Medical Leave Certification for Family Member's Serious Health Conditiondocumentlink

Certification for Qualifying Exigency for Military Family Leavedocumentlink

Serious Injury or Illness of Covered Service Member for Military Leavedocumentlink

Health Insurance Information Changedocumentlink

Intent to Donate Human Bone Marrowdocument

Inter-Institutional Financial Transactions Policylink

Inter-Institutional Employment Overload Request/UNCLdocumentlink

Performance Evaluation Cover Sheet - Facultydocument

Performance Evaluation Cover Sheet - CP, LI, NIASdocument

Position Descriptiondocument

Positive Message Cardsdocument

Rehired Annuitant Election Formdocumentlink

Request to Hire Ad Hoc (includes Course Assignment)document

Salary Reduction Agreementdocumentlink 

Time and Absence Approver Changedocument

Tuition Reimbursement Formdocument

Unclassified Change Form document 

Unclassified Leave Report Formdocument

Unclassified Overload Pay Requestdocument

Unclassified Position Questionnairedocument

Unclassified Summer/J-Term Formdocument

Unclassified Summer Leave Report Form 2013document

Unclassified Summer Leave Report Form 2014document

W-4 Employee Withholding Allowance Certificatedocumentlink

Worker's Compensation

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