College of Business and Economics (CBE)
Dean's Office - University Services Program Associate  

This position provides administrative support to an academic Dean’s Office and the faculty and staff of the College of Business and Economics. The person in this position receives guidance and direction from the Dean's Office staff on various tasks, but is expected to work independently on implementation and follow-through, exercising discretion to make most decisions, consulting other office staff when deemed necessary. In the absence of the Dean's Assistant, this person is expected to assume critical functions of that position. The position description that follows is not intended to identify every duty that may be assigned to this position, but to outline the major responsibilities and provide a guide to the level, nature and character of the work. 

This position is full-time annual appointment (M-F: 7:45 am - 4:30 pm).  

Manage and coordinate office activities dealing with faculty, staff, students and the general public (35%) 

  1. Act as the liaison between the Dean's Office and faculty, staff, students and the general public; respond to inquiries and refer, direct or guide people to appropriate person or office; take messages as needed.
  2. Schedule appointments and meetings for the Dean (if the Dean’s Assistant is absent)/Associate Dean/Assistant Dean/Academic Advisor; monitor and update electronic calendars.
  3. Initiate communication to obtain information for the Associate Dean, Assistant Dean and Academic Advisor.
  4. Regularly produce Hyperion reports for use by the Dean/Associate Dean, faculty and staff.
  5. Prepare spreadsheet of CBE course schedule by term; compare to eSIS data and correct discrepancies. Advise Dean’s Assistant of changes.
  6. Act as liaison with UW-Eau Claire Alliance program. Prepare spreadsheet of UWRF students and update Alliance coordinator of changes.
  7. Develop spreadsheet of CBE 100 students for use with LiveText access codes. Keep log of students not charged for LiveText and submit names to Assistant Dean for Student Affairs for forwarding to the Cashier’s Office.
  8. Schedule use of the conference room, laptop computer/LCD projector, digital camera, College display, etc.
  9. Operate computers, fax machine, scanners, copy machines, folding machine, typewriters; assist or train others in usage; oversee maintenance.
  10. Provide first line assistance on matters relating to instructional technology equipment in South Hall classrooms.
  11. Maintain database(s) of prospective and newly admitted students of the College, Center for Economic Education, etc. Assist Dean’s Assistant with database(s) of CBE alumni
  12. Produce, maintain (update, correct, research correct addresses, email addresses, etc.), and use databases for Dean of CBE relating to various committees, groups, etc.
  13. Prepare mailings, email distribution, etc. of these various database documents.
  14. Update building directories and student organization directory as needed.
  15. Assist with maintenance and updates of College bulletin boards. Maintain current listing of all CBE student organizations, including names and contact information of club officers and faculty advisors. Include lists on CBE web site.
  16. Respond to faculty, staff, and student requests to locate rooms for various events or meetings (VEMS); determine technology needs, check options in room scheduling/room reservation system, forward room request to appropriate office, confirm reservation.
  17. Maintain an orderly filing system; create new files when necessary, purge old files and move appropriate items to long term/archival storage.
  18. Develop and revise office procedures cooperatively to ensure maximum efficiency of office services.
  19. Assist Dean’s Assistant with coordination of vacation schedules.
  20. Participate in on-campus and off-campus professional development activities as appropriate.
  21. Monitor CBE International Studies Scholarship Application procedure.
  22. Produce AACSB reports as needed.
  23. Other general office duties as assigned. 

Manage and coordinate activities related to student academic needs (confidential)(45%)
In general, assist students with various questions related to their academic needs - registration, major/minor/advisor changes, readmit process, add/drops, late drops, withdrawals, program exceptions, etc. Provide guidance on the various procedures, direct students to appropriate office, and secure signatures from Dean/Associate Dean/Assistant Dean/Academic Advisor, keep copies and forward paperwork as needed.

New Student Registration (Fall in May/June and August and Spring in January)

  1. Develop spreadsheet of new and transfer students by registration date.
  2. Print DAR’s and Unofficial Transcripts for review by Academic Advisor prior to registration dates.
  3. Update General Education Courses form. 
  4. Prepare handouts.
  5. Update Placement Test information cards.
  6. Create packet for faculty working at registration.
  7. Provide on-site assistance to academic advisor during registration.
  8. Update registration spreadsheet with “no-shows” and major changes each day.
  9. Compare information on registration forms with eSIS records – major/minor changes, address changes.
  10. Input new advisor information into eSIS.
  11. Create new advising folders for new advisor.
  12. Check Hyperion that all new students have been assigned a CBE advisor, not a student named as advisor. 
  13. Input registration Counts in spreadsheet by term.


  1. Answer questions from students and parents regarding probation, suspension and readmission; advise them on requirements and procedure to be followed for readmission.
  2. Receive, review and document student requests for readmission. Contact students who haven’t completed reentry process.
  3. Schedule appointments with the Associate/Assistant Dean for students requesting readmission, once certain that paperwork has been completed or will be completed by meeting date.
  4. Establish, compile and maintain complete, accurate, confidential records and correspondence for each student. Print a Degree Audit Report (DAR) and unofficial transcript for the Assistant Dean/Associate Dean/Academic Advisor to review before the interview.
  5. Send or give letter to student with conditions of readmission; forward copies to Registrar, Advisor, Financial Assistance and other campus offices as necessary.
  6. Serve as liaison between Registrar’s Office, Financial Assistance and CBE Dean’s Office regarding suspended and readmitted students.
  7. Compile and verify data and prepare semester report regarding the tracking of suspended and readmitted students for review by Dean/Assistant Dean/Academic Advisor.  

Student complaints/grievances

  1. Advise and guide students on the proper procedure for handling complaints and grievances.
  2. Schedule an appointment for the student with the appropriate Dept. Chair or Dean/Associate Dean; provide appropriate paperwork, notes, letters and documents to the Dept. Chair, Dean/Associate Dean for review before meeting.
  3. Establish and maintain complete confidential file on each complaint, incorporating Dean's report. Include written and electronic correspondence.
  4. At the end of each semester, compile report on each complaint for Dean to forward to the Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. 

Major/minor/advisor changes

  1. Enter advisor information into student database for all new freshmen and transfer students who have registered through CBE. Contact department chairs, as needed to obtain advisor name.
  2. Serve as the liaison between the departments and Registrar’s office to clean up errors in database.
  3. Update and maintain student database for all programs in the College.
  4. Provide back-up support/resource person for office personnel with questions on this process.  

Student Formal Admission to the College

  1. Revise admission applications with new prerequisites and requirements.
  2. Review student applications for Assistant Dean.
  3. Enter admit milestone in eSIS for all admitted and pending students.
  4. Prepare and mail admission letter to students.
  5. Provide revised information to Assistant Dean regarding “pending” students at end of term.
  6. File applications.
  7. Keep database up-to-date.
  8. Update comparison by term Update forms used by CBE faculty and staff (Include updated forms on webpages; make copies available in office.)  

Advising Assistance

  1. Update advising file for Academic Advisor’s file.
  2. Provide assistance to students completing University and College forms and forward to correct University Office.  

Manage activities related to internal and external public relations and student recruiting efforts (10%)

  1. Maintain and update College websites; monitor for broken links, updated information needs; create and post interactive web forms for various College wide programs as needed; • Update policy handbook on website as directed by Associate Dean
  2. Respond to requests for information or reports of problems that are sent to the College email address. (
  3. Produce monthly letters from the Dean and Department Chairs to newly admitted students and prospective students.
  4. Obtain address information from IR for students in Economics courses and prepare letters to prospective Economics majors at the direction of the Economics Department Chair.
  5. Assist the CBE Communications Specialist in publicizing CBE events and news items, preparation of newsletters and reports, and alumni communications. Work with the Publications and Foundation Offices as necessary. Gather news items from faculty/staff for periodic internal newsletter.
  6. Coordinate needs of Associate Dean/Academic Advisor for UWRF Visit Days. Update CBE PowerPoint presentation.
  7. Coordinate needs for college promotional events.
  8. Update student honors information on website.
  9. Compile information for distribution of annual survey of graduates.
  10. Update CBE photos on website and Flickr.  

Manage activities related to the CBE Awards Program and Beta Gamma Sigma Induction Ceremony (5%) 

This task is to be done in collaboration with the CBE Academic Advisor and Assistant Dean for Student Affairs who are handling the scholarship awards, as presentation of the scholarship awards comprises the main event at the program.

  1. Obtain GPA and address information for Junior, Senior and MBA students to determine eligibility in Beta Gamma Sigma.
  2. Order supplies from BGS and prepare tapping ceremony documents for BGS Chapter Officer/Advisor. Deposit membership dues. Follow-up with students invited to join.
  3. Prepare BGS packets, cords, membership pins for distribution at induction.
  4. Reserve facilities, arrange for room set-up, equipment needs, and catering.
  5. Coordinate with other University offices in arranging for speakers and presenters.
  6. Obtain information from faculty and student organizations for banquet program; update program and arrange for printing.
  7. Draft/update and send letters of invitation to students and guests.
  8. Create and print tickets.
  9. Coordinate publicity and ticket distribution.
  10. Arrange for publicity and photos with campus media outlets.
  11. Manage the budget; make deposits, track expenses, pay bills.
  12. Create and prepare certificates for distribution. (Scholarships, Merit Awards, Special Recognition Awards, etc.)
  13. Organize cue cards, certificates, guest list, etc. to facilitate program flow; explain organization to appropriate presenters. Assist Dean with pronunciation of names.
  14. Coordinate distribution of certificates and awards to those unable to attend.
  15. Prepare follow-up letter regarding scholarship award procedures to mail after program.
  16. Update Awards Program information.
    • Beta Gamma Sigma induction
    • Scholarship information
    • Merit Awards

Manage and coordinate activities associated with Academic Day (5%) 

  1. Reserve meeting facilities and arrange for set-up, equipment needs, catering, etc.
  2. Communicate agenda and schedule to department chairs, faculty and staff.
  3. Prepare presentation materials, handouts, etc. as requested by Dean/Associate Dean/Academic Advisor.
  4. Coordinate day events – distribution of nametags, lunch tickets, direct students to appropriate location, etc.
  5. Obtain information from, and provide information to, other campus offices involved with Academic Day events as needed.
  6. Communicate and coordinate with student organizations (officers and advisors) regarding Student Involvement Fair on Academic Day; arrange for booths, etc.
  7. Other duties as needed to plan and coordinate Academic Day.
  8. Provide an assessment of the completed event with suggestions and recommendations for changes in the future. 

General knowledge, skills and abilities
• Knowledge of administrative activities in an executive level office setting
• Effective interpersonal, written and oral communication skills
• Ability to act with tact and diplomacy and maintain confidentiality with sensitive issues concerning faculty, staff and students
• Ability to work both independently and as part of a team
• Ability to organize, delegate and prioritize work and maintain an orderly, accurate electronic and paper filing system
• Skilled in the use of Microsoft Office suite of software programs (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint), calendaring systems (Outlook, OWA), Web Development software (CMS), and other database software (Hyperion)
• Experience with public relations activities - marketing materials, web development, newsletters, etc.