Department of Communication Studies and Theatre Arts
University Theatre Box Office & Publicity Manager

Position Summary:

This position requires excellent time management skills and creative thinking.  Accurate record keeping with attention to detail and cash handling are required.  Good customer service attitude is essential.  Employee must work independently and responsibly with minimal supervision.

Box Office Management and Operation    432.50 hours   
Record keeping and accounting, programming the box office computer for ticketing, cash deposits, filling phone orders and maintaining files.  The Manager will train and supervise student assistant and theatre lab students in proper box office procedures.

  • Season set up  (25 hours)
      Enter 5 shows into WinTix program
      Record season message on phone
      Process season ticket packages and advance ticket orders
      Schedule student lab hours for box office

  • Ticket sales  (377.5 hours)
      310 weekday hours 10:00-3:30 (less 1/2 hr lunch)
      67.50   evening hours on performance nights 6:30-9:00
       (training and supervision of student lab workers during above hours)  
  • Show Close  (25 hours)
      5 flexible hours (within 5 days of show closing x 5) generate attendance and ticket sales reports
      Provide deposit slips and chargeback record copies
      Tally student lab hours and sign off on time cards
      dismantle display case

  • Season Close  (5 hours)
      Generate final reports/batch settlements
      Box files for storage
      Assess ticket stock and general supply needs 

  • Publicity  (110 hours)
    Display case design, cooperative work with University Publications and show director to produce and distribute show programs, posters and bulk mail materials.  The Manager will attend production meetings as needed, schedule photo sessions and train and supervise student assistant.

  • Publicity per show  (25 hours/Dance concert = 10 hours; no display case)
    Display Case-15 hours
    Program-6 hours
    Mailings-2 hours
    Posters-2 hours

Position Description:

A.  Box Office Management  (55%)
     A1  Administer all functions of the University Box Office
     A2  Program the Box Office computer using Wintix program for each show and for season tickets.  Includes ticket layout for thermal printer, financial and audience reports, and subscriber database and mailing list.
     A3  Sell tickets with the Box Office computer using Wintix program and thermal printer
     A4  Produce financial and audience reports, and maintain subscriber database and mailing list
     A5  Responsible for accurate recording and posting of all performance revenues
     A6  Responsible for maintaining all receipts, ticket numbers, and total house count for Departmental and State audit purposes
     A7  Establish and/or recommend changes to Box Office policies and procedures

B.  Coordination of Public Relations  (5%)
     B1  Function as key University liaison with the public, maintaining good public relations for the University Theatre
     B2  Make special arrangements and decisions for large groups attending performances, such as special group ticket prices,special seating, etc.
    B3  Solve problems and pleasantly make reservation adjustments when possible to meet needs of patrons.

C.  Budget Management  (10%)
    C1  Deposit all ticket revenue in a timely and accurate fashion
    C2  Maintain accurate database records of deposits and balances for University Theatre
    C3  Keep ongoing record of theatre attendance and revenue for all shows for comparison purposes in season planning.
    C4  Exercise decision making authority over front of house expenditures such as ticket stock, promotion materials, hiring of student staff, box office equipment (answer machines, computer, thermal printer, regular printer) usher and house manager equipment, office and filing supplies.

D.  Supervision of Lab Students/Work Study Students/Student Assistants working in box office.  (15%)
    D1  Supervise training and oversight of student workers responsible for box office operation.
    D2  Supervise training and oversight of student workers responsible for publicity.
    D3  Maintain records and report student performance to supervisor or faculty.

E.  Publicity (15%)
    E1  Assemble cast, crew and production information for show program
    E2  Design and dress display case for each show and between shows
    E3  Maintain database records of customers, subscribers and contributors.  Maintain updated
       mailing lists
    E4  Coordinate timely completion of programs, posters and mailings with university design office
    E5  Display show posters in outside display case and in strategic locations on and off campus

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