The following are brief explanations and definitions of employment categories:

Classified Employees - employees who are not considered faculty or academic staff. They are considered support staff (example: Office Support, Custodians, Information Systems, Payroll, etc.).

Non-Represented - employees who are not entitled to union representation.

Represented - employees who are represented by a labor union.

Exempt - salaried employees who are in positions that do not earn overtime compensation.

Non-Exempt - hourly employees who are in positions that earn overtime compensation for any hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week.

Project Appointment - an appointment which is normally funded for six or more consecutive months and which requires employment for 600 hours or more per 26 consecutive biweekly pay periods, either for a temporary workload increase or for a planned undertaking which is not a regular function of the employing agency and which has an established probable date of termination. No project position may exist for more than four (4) years.

Recurring Limited Term Appointment - an appointment which is determined to require an employee on a recurring basis. There is no definite date of termination for the appointment with the exception that the position may not exceed 1,043 hours of employment annually.

Non-Recurring (short-term) Limited Term Appointment - an appointment which is determined to require an employee on a one-time only basis. A definite date of termination is set for this type of appointment. A period of six months or less is allowed for the non-recurring appointment with an hourly limitation of 1,043 hours.

Permanent Status - the status that an employee appointed to a permanent position achieves after successfully fulfilling the requirements of the six month probationary period.

Unclassified Employees - faculty and academic staff. This category includes all teaching positions and administrative positions. 

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