Classified Staff Postings and Information

TRANSFER OPPORTUNITIES (Classified State Employees Only)


Eligible candidates must be a permanent classified employee and hold a position that is equal to or higher than the announced position.  Contact Deb Schwab (debra.schwab@uwrf.edumail) with any questions regarding transfer eligibility.  If interested and eligible to transfer, submit a letter of interest and a resume to Deb Schwab, Human Resources Office, 216 North Hall by Wednesday, January 22, 2014.



•  Agricultural Science                                    In Room 115
•  Centennial Science                                     In Room 149
•  Chalmer Davee Library                               In Room 253
•  East Hathorn                                             Near Career Services & Elevator
•  Facilities Management/Central Stores          Hallway Near Room 126
•  Hagestad Hall                                            Hallway near Athletics Office
•  Heating Plant                                            East Wall
•  Hunt Arena                                               Hallway near Room 107
•  Johnson Hall                                              In Room 012
•  Karges Center                                           In Room 111
•  Kleinpell Fine Arts                                      In Room 169
•  North Hall                                                 Hallway across from Room 105
•  Parker Hall                                                In Room 030
•  Regional Development Institute                  In Room 132
•  South Hall                                                 Hallway by Room 112
•  University Center                                       Hallway Near Room 197
•  Wyman Education Building                          In Room 240