Housing Contract Policies

2-Year Residency Requirement

The Department of Residence Life at UWRF enforces the UW-System 2-year live on campus residency requirement.  This policy is in effect for all first and second year students who do not meet housing exemption criteria are required to live in UWRF residence halls. Please see our webpage for details on exemptions to the 2-year residency requirement.

Full text of the UWRF Housing Contract

Contract Cancellation

Please see this webpage for instructions on how to cancel your housing contract and deadlines for receiving a refund of your housing deposit.

Single Room Policy/Loss of Roommate

  • Medical and Disability Single Rooms

A very limited number of single rooms will be available to accommodate medical and disability circumstances. Requests for these single rooms must be submitted prior to March 1, including required documentation, to the Ability Services Office.

The Ability Services Office will offer a recommendation and notify the Department of Residence Life. A limited number of accommodations are available if arrangements are secured prior to final housing assignments.

  • Loss of Roommate

If a student residing in the residence halls loses a roommate during the year, he/she has the option to retain the room at the single room rate, only when space permits

Extended Housing

We assign people to rooms in the order we received their housing contract agreement form and their housing deposit. At the beginning of each fall term we anticipate having over 100% occupancy. When all of our regular residence hall rooms are filled, we place those students who didn’t sign their housing contracts as early as other students into extended (temporary) housing.

There are two types of extended housing rooms: 1) sharing a room with a Resident Assistant and 2) converted lounges. A student will only be in extended housing until another space opens up and it is their turn to move (based on the date the student completes their housing contract). We find that the majority of people placed in extended housing would like to remain in extended housing even when space opens up. We cannot accommodate this request as we need that space for other reasons, so they have to move.

Regardless of the length of stay, residence hall staff members remain available to provide the same levels of assistance, interest, and information-sharing that all other residents receive.

See more information about Extended Housing.