Employment Process Tips

 Student Employees  Student Employees

During the selection process, we will try to gather as much information about as possible using a structured set of questions and an objective rating system. We encourage you to consider the following recommendations as you prepare for your interviews:

  1. Carefully read all the information which pertains to the position(s) which you are applying. Also talk to other students who are currently working in your desired position. It is very important that you have a good understanding of the position(s) and what it entails.

  2. Think about your past experiences and how they may relate to the position(s). Be prepared to talk about these.

  3. Practice. Think about possible questions that you might be asked and plan how you would answer.

  4. Think about how you would sell yourself as a candidate. Think about your strengths and skills and how you would talk about them.

  5. Be on time for all appointments. We recommend that you arrive at least 10 minutes early so that you have a few minutes to relax and prepare yourself.

  6. Think about any questions you would like to ask.

  7. Make a presentable well-groomed appearance. T-shirts, jeans, baseball caps, and tennis shoes are not appropriate. The process is not formal, so suits are not necessary. Choose something between casual and formal.

  8. Speak confidently. We're looking for honest and sincere answers.

  9. Relax and be yourself! We want to get to know the real you.