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Call or Make an Appointment

Everyone is welcome to contact Disability Services for more information. Without requesting permission you may also make an appointment and bring whomever you choose. To make an appointment contact the receptionist of the Residence Life office: 715- 425-4555.

It's important to understand that Disability Services is a small office and arranges individualized support for hundreds of students. Thus, the staff rely on opportunities to make advanced plans for nearly everything they do. While the staff do make appropriate efforts to address urgent circumstances, the office is not actually intended as a resource to create rapid solutions at a moment's notice. Students should attempt to establish and maintain contact with the office in a pro-active way. This is what gives the staff time to pre-plan and prepare high quality support.

Mark Johnson
Disability Services Coordinator
Residence Life
B3 Hathorn Hall mail

Phone:  715-425-4555

Fax:  715-425-0698


The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

Many students live with a medical, physical, or brain issue that significantly challenge the ability to pursue a college education. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a civil rights law that can serve those circumstances. It broadly defines a disability as such an issue that substantially limits a person in a major area of life.

ADA also creates a way these students can seek non-traditional ways to participate in the learning, working, and living opportunities at UWRF. The non-traditional methods are often called accommodations. These things are not really for the purpose of ensuring successful outcomes; there for creating equal opportunity and access. The accommodations that individual students are allowed must serve to offset how the issue prevents them from having adequate opportunity or access.

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