Italy Study Tour

Italy Study Tour with Dr. Petkov

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January 7-20, 2014 (now in its ninth run at UWRF)

Participants will travel to seven fascinating, vibrant, and chock-full-of-art Italian cities and towns: Rome, Florence, Siena, Venice, Padua, Pisa, and Orvieto. We will visit all major museums, open air monuments and artifacts, impressive Roman antiquities, charming medieval cathedrals, stunning Renaissance art collections, and opulent Baroque architecture. The fashion of Rome, the leather goods of Florence, and the glass makers
of Venice will be all ours for two weeks.

The Tour can be taken for credit (fulfilling liberal arts and other requirements) or non-credit. Sign-up is on first-come, first-served basis. UW-RF students have priority, students from other institutions are welcome.

Students taking the Tour for credit are eligible for the usual types of financial aid available for courses taken on campus, depending on their financial circumstances. College of Arts and Sciences students are eligible for a competitive study abroad grant. Colleges across UWRF offer their own small grants. For more information please inquire with Financial Aid, the Office of Global Connections, and the Office of the Dean of your college.

For information about the Tour and an application pack contact Dr. Kiril Petkov, at kiril.petkov@uwrf.edumail, (715) 425-3164, or stop at KFA 320.
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