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A brief history

This publication was begun in 1978 by Dr. Edward N. Peterson and continued until his death in 2005. Ed did all of the gathering and typing himself, eventually utilizing Microsoft Word to neatly arrange the articles in column format.

Since 2006, the effort has been coordinated by Sue Voelker with the help of individual contributors including Dr. Clyde C. Smith who shares correspondence from alumni and friends near and far. Please consider sharing a bit about your life for our next edition! Snail mail or e-mail welcome. history@uwrf.edumail

When the new edition is ready, we will snail-mail a postcard with the web link and invite those without internet access to call us for a printed copy. If you have not been receiving a notice, please e-mail us at history@uwrf.edumail.

Ed Peterson's 2005 explanation of our move from print to online format:

Partly because we in education must save money, whereas those in waging wars have money to burn, we have gone on the net with our Newsletter.

We will send a card to all alumni about the opportunity. Anyone not on the Net would need only to tell us and we would send the printed copy. Further it will be available to anyone on the Net all during the year. Not the least of the reasons would be the savings of the postage and the staff needed to stuff envelopes.

Nearly all alumni will find us one way or the other.