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Thank you to those who have shared memories with us!

Our gratitude to Emeritus Professor John Buschen and alumna Deborah Hanson, who gathered information and wrote wonderful pieces for many of our Emeriti faculty in Summer 2013.

C. Noble Stockton, Nov. 2014

Noble's favorite memories are posted on his Emerius Faculty page

Mary Ellen & Don Brue, Dec. 2013

I just read the bio for Dr. Wyman. I never had the privilege of having Dr. Wyman as an instructor. My contact with him was through the Congregational Church in River Falls and his son, Mark who was a friend throught the church youth group. Dr. and Mrs. Wyman welcomed college students into their home for Sunday night supper as there were no meals served in the school cafeteria after the noon meal on Sunday and no restaurants in RF were open Sunday evenings. The Wymans were gracious hosts and great role models. I considered them life-long friends and always enjoyed seeing them when I returned to campus for Homecoming and other events. Thanks for helping to keep memories of them.

Additional comments from Mary Ellen's follow-up email:

We felt the professors cared about us, were always willing to provide assistance etc. Lots of warm fuzzy memories from 1957-1961 and life-long friendships gained in addition to our education. More memories about Sunday night meals. The churches provided a meal on Sunday evenings along with a program or activity. Sometimes it was provided by the women's group or other times by different professors. The Wymans, from the Congregational Church, were the only ones that I recall, who opened their homes to students. The groups at St. Bridget's or Ezekiel Lutheran Church were larger than the Congregational group so that may have been the reason why others provided the meals at the church. An aside memory, is going to the cabin at the lake that was owned by the Benson family (Lund Hardware owners.) Each spring and fall, the Congregational Church youth group went to the Benson cabin for a week-end. We put screens or storm windows on depending on the season, raked leaves etc. in preparation of opening or closing the cabin for the season. Best of all was the fellowship we enjoyed while there.

Ron Swanson, Dec. 2013

I have many fond memories of most of these fine professors. I am a graduate of 1980, history/geography major. After working for the State of Wyoming Historical Society for two summer seasons, my boss (himself a River Falls history major +grad) highly recommended I finish my undergraduate studies at UWRF. Specifically, he wrote a letter of introduction to then Dept. chair Ed Peterson. I was impressed with the History folks, especially James T. King, as we had a common interest in the history of the trans-Mississippi west.

Despite Dr. King's battles with health issues, I thought he was a very gifted professor and he even hired me to work in the Area Research Center in 1979-80. We would spend hours in his office chatting about Wyoming and the historic sides I had worked at. One of my favorite instructors at UWRF was Herb Cederberg. His novel ideas on the Salem witchcraft craze were fascinating. I recently re-read a book from his class.Many thanks to all who made this project a reality.

Marjorie Williams, Dec. 2013

I had the wonderful experience of getting my M.A. in history at UWRF. I think my class of 1996 was the last of the Masters in history offered. I also had the distinct pleasure and honor to have had Dr. Feinstein, Dr. Leichtle, Dr. Peterson, and Dr. Cederberg as professors. I would go home and discuss with my husband the fact that Cederberg, Feinstein, Leichtle, and Peterson were as good as they get and could have been in any top university in the country. Every class was spell binding. I retired from teaching in 2007 after forty years of teaching. Those years studying at UWRF in the history department were the best academic years I had ever had. My husband, never a fan of history as a subject, enjoyed the discussions we had about my classes. As a polymer chemist and scientist at 3M, he was not immersed in things of the past, but for me the classes were invigorating. I hope that UWRF appreciates the quality of professors in the history department or at least what they had then. 

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