Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects (IRB)

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls is committed to protecting the rights and welfare of persons involved as subjects in research. In accord with federal regulations we have established an Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects (IRB) and a set of policies and procedures to protect research subjects. The IRB and its policies and procedures are based on, and are consistent with, The Belmont Report: Ethical Principles and Guidelines for the Protection of Human Subjects of Research, The National Commission for the Protection Of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research, April 18, 1979; and the Code of Federal Regulations, 45 CFR 46 (March 8, 1983) and the Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects: Notices and Rules (June 18, 1991).

Research involving human subjects cannot be initiated by UWRF faculty, staff, or students before it is reviewed and approved in writing by the IRB.

Research protocols for any projects involving human subjects must be reviewed and approved by the IRB to assure that the rights and welfare of human subjects are protected and that appropriate methods of obtaining informed consent will be utilized. If it is unclear whether or not a project needs IRB approval, please contact any member of the IRB.


Members of the Institutional Review Board:

* Ogden Rogers, Social Work

* Delbert Permann, retired minister, River Falls

* Don Stovall, Counseling & School Psychology

* Rich Wallace, Sociology

* Scott Woitaszewski, Counseling & School Psychology

* Todd Wilkinson, Chair of IRB, Psychology

* Claire Kilian, Management and Marketing

* Molly Van Wagner, Director Grants & Research (ex-officio, non-voting)


Before submitting a protocol, researchers should review the UWRF manual, Policies and Procedures for Research Involving Human Subjects. Researchers who are using the Internet as the vehicle for collecting data should review Psychological Research Online: Opportunities and Challenges, an APA publication. To file a protocol, individual researchers should fill out Part I, Cover Sheet, Part II, Description of Study, and Part III, Protection of Human Subjects. All three pieces can be most easily completed by completing the forms at Appendix B, IRB Human Subjects Research Review Protocol. Instructors whose students will be performing research projects within as part of a course should fill out the course certification protocol forms at Appendix C, IRB Human Subjects Course Certification Protocol.

Please submit signed, paper protocols to Molly Van Wagner, Director, Grants & Research, UWRF, 410 S. 3rd St., River Falls, WI 54022. Attach copies of your informed consent form (samples are available in the Policies and Procedures for Research Involving Human Subjects manual), any surveys or instruments to be used, and any letters of commitment from external research sites. If you have questions, call (715) 425-3195 or email

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