Graduate Procedures

Here is an index to some of the processes you may use during your graduate career at UW-River Falls. If you have additional questions, please contact the Graduate Studies Office. 

Appeals Process

If you are unable to complete your program of study within a seven-year time limit, you may appeal once for an extension. Acceptable reasons would include unusual health conditions, fulfillment of military obligations or similar extenuating circumstances.

To make an appeal you would complete the appropriate form and return it to the Graduate Studies Office. In your appeal you must include 

  • a specific plan and timetable to complete your degree requirements;
  • a statement on your efforts to stay current within your program of study;
  • a review from each department chair for all courses taken outside of the seven-year window; and
  • a recommendation from your adviser.

The Director of Graduate Studies will review the request and notify the student and the adviser of the decision.

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Applying for Graduation

You must apply for graduation through your eSIS account. Click heredocument for instructions on how to apply for graduation in eSIS. See the Registrar's Commencement Information for deadlines, application fees and regalia information.

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Grading Disputes

Grading disputes should first be discussed with your course instructor. If you are unable to resolve differences, you may appeal your grade by following the proceedure described in the UWRF Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook, 8.2.18 Student Appeal of Grades.

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Plan B Research Papers

You will defend your master's paper in an oral examination conducted by the three members of your graduate committee. In addition, Plan B research papers must adhere to guidelines for mandatory submission to the university's repository in the Chalmer Davee Library, MINDS@UW-River Falls.  The checklist and approval form can be found at the MINDS Submission Information page. The final copy of your paper, with a cover sheet signed by your adviser, and the original MINDS approval form (plus 1 copy of the form) must be submitted to the Graduate Office located in 104 North Hall.

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Re-Entry Process

If you are a returning graduate student in good academic standing, you may complete a re-entry request form instead of a complete graduate application. Students who wish to change their program of study or status from temporary student to pursue a degree or certificate will need to complete the full graduate admission process. See Apply Onlinelink

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Requesting Course Load Exceptions

See Course Load Rules to determine if you will exceed the course load limits for a particular term. To request an exception, you will need to complete the Excess Load formdocument and obtain signatures from your adviser and the Director of Graduate Studies. In some cases a copy of your transcript may be required. It is your responsibility to submit the completed form to the Registrar's Office before the end of the first week of classes for the term that you are requesting an exception.

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Scheduling Exams

To schedule your oral examination, you will coordinate the date, time and location with your assigned graduate committee members. Once you have scheduled your exam, send an email with this information to Kim Fischermail in the Graduate Studies Office at least two weeks before the examination date and not later than four weeks before the end of your final term. Your email should include confirmation from the committee members that they can attend the scheduled date and time.

If your final term happens to be during the summer, you must make your scheduling arrangements during the previous spring term.

If your degree plan requires you to complete a written comprehensive examination you would schedule this exam with your department.

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Plan A Thesis

Because each member of your graduate committee must approve your completed thesis, you must inform all three members of the committee about the development of the problem, research progress, and results, as well as the writing of the thesis. You will defend your thesis in an oral examination.  After your paper has been approved by your graduate committee, you will submit it for binding.

One copy of the thesis must be bound including the cover page with the signatures of all committee members. To have your thesis bound a $15 fee per copy fee will need to be paid (i.e. $15 for the required copy plus $15 for each additional copy for personal use). Bring both the thesis and the cover page with the signatures of all committee members to the Graduate Studies Office in 104 North Hall.  Once the payment is made, the copies will be sent out for binding. One bound copy will be submitted to the UWRF Library academic depository and you will be notified when any additional bound copies are ready for pickup if purchased. 

It is your responsibility to check the manuscripts for proper pagination and deliver them to the Graduate Office. Acceptable margins are either one-inch margin on all sides or a wider margin on the left to accommodate the binding. The cover sheet for the thesis must be signed by your adviser and your Graduate Committee.

Plan A theses must adhere to guidelines for mandatory submission to the university's academic repository at MINDS@UW-River Falls.  The checklist and submission form can be found at MINDS Submission Information.

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