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Australian Early Childhood Study Abroad

Location: Western Australia (stops in Sydney and Great Barrier Reef)

Program Length: 7 1/2 weeks

Housing: hotel converted to residence hall at university and some hostel and hotel

Language: English

Coordinating University: UWRF

Contact Person: Dr. Gayle Ward, gayle.ward@uwrf.edumail

Financial Aid Available: yes - summer credits

Course Equivalent: TED 389, TED 471-Early Childhood

Description: Do a component of your Early Childhood (EC) student teaching while residing in a converted hotel in the historic Port of Fremantle (near Perth) by the Indian Ocean. Also possible to take EC Language Arts and do an internship.
  • Travel North to Kalbarri and Denham to explore the gorges and swim with the dolphins;
  • Visit historic Sydney in New South Wales;
  • Visit the Great Barrier Reef, Goldcoast, Queensland

University of Wisconsin-River Falls
410 S. 3rd Street, River Falls WI 54022 USA
Campus Information 715-425-3911