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UWRF-ACE American University Transfer Program (AUTP)

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls (UWRF) collaborates with the American Center for Education (ACE) in an American University Transfer Program (AUTP) to offer university-level courses in Singapore.  Directly modeled on the equivalent courses at UWRF, AUTP courses offered at ACE are designed to meet standards of American higher education.  UWRF also actively engages in administration to make certain that AUTP courses are subjected to the same academic assurance processes as comparable programs on the UWRF campus.

Globally-minded, AUTP's curriculum is designed build a solid scholastic foundation for students from all over the world.  AUTP also aspires to foster a multicultural, internationally inclusive, and diverse education environment where enrolled students benefit not only by learning academic subjects in classroom, but also by being intellectually challenged by each other's different viewpoints

The course credits earned through AUTP program are fully endorsed by UWRF, University of Wisconsin Colleges, and other affiliated institutions in the United States. Students who successfully complete the AUTP are assured that the course credits earned at ACE will count toward UWRF bachelor degree with exactly same number of credits as the comparable class at UWRF.

Message from the American Center for Education (ACE)

Welcome to the American Center for Education, Singapore!

At ACElink we are committed to providing students access to high-quality educational experiences based on the American system of higher education. The broad knowledge base and skills encountered in the ACE curriculum prepares students to pursue further educational opportunities and to take their place in our dynamic global society. The ongoing involvement of experienced American educational professionals assures that the ACE academic programs will continue to meet the highest standards.

All members of the staff at ACE are devoted to giving personal attention to each and every student. Your success in achieving your educational goals is our number one priority. We promise you that we will spare no effort in helping you realize your highest aspirations and ambitions.

ACE is the UWRF's sole authorized partner institution in Singapore.

About the American Center for Education

The American Center for Education (ACE) is established by University of Wisconsin-River Falls (UWRF), USA by collaboration in 2007 in Singapore. As the first of its kind, ACE is an joint American-Singaporean institution which offers a variety of learning experiences and opportunity for international students. ACE will also serve as an international destination for exchange and internship opportunities for American students who wish to study abroad in Southeast Asia.

Being an institution dedicated to providing quality education with an American perspective to international students, ACE is committed to maintain academic excellence and continuously improve by directly involving UWRF in all academic affairs and evaluation of all qualifications of faculty selection at ACE.

ACE is conveniently located in the heart of Singapore's business district within five-minute walking distance from Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) station EW15. There are also bus stops, taxi queues and public parking lots to provide a wide variety of transportation options in close proximity to the school campus.

ACE is registered with the Council for Private Education (CPE) in Singapore.

Mission: Our mission is to provide students with a world-class education and an open-minded, global perspective in an inclusive learning environment.

Vision: We will be the model of excellence in internationalization of higher education in Asia and beyond. We will be the gateway of success for our students by preparing them with life-changing learning experiences inside and outside of classrooms. We will advance cooperation, understanding, and mutual respect by promoting an intellectually challenging, knowledge nurturing, world-centered learning environment. We will inspire our students to become ethnical and responsible global citizens who will emerge as the leaders of tomorrow .


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