J-Term, Summer, and Study Abroad

J-Term Financial Aid

J-Term applicants must have completed a FAFSA for the current year and be enrolled during the previous fall semester. The amount of J-Term aid depends on the amount of financial aid eligibility you have remaining for the year. You must be within satisfactory academic progress standards to receive aid. You will receive an email once your aid eligibility has been reviewed.

To have your aid eligibility determined for J-Term, the supplemental application below must be completed once you have registered for your J-Term classes:

Online J-Term Financial Aid Application - The online J-Term application for 2013-14 has closed.  Please contact the financial aid office if you have questions. 

Summer Financial Aid

Summer semester is considered an "add-on" session to the preceding academic year, and you must have completed a FAFSA for the academic year preceding the summer semester. Financial aid for summer depends on the availability of funds and the amount of aid you have already used during the previous academic year. You must be within satisfactory academic progress standards to receive aid. 

2014 Summer Aid Application

Study Abroad Financial Aid

If you apply for financial aid for a study abroad trip
, you must have completed a FAFSAlink for that academic year. The FAFSA should be completed at least three months prior to the semester in which you plan to study abroad.

The next step for applying for financial aid for a study abroad trip is completing the Additional Expense Form for Study Abroaddocument. The amount of financial aid you are eligible to receive cannot exceed the study abroad program’s standard costs. Increased financial aid eligibility for study abroad programs is usually limited to student or parent loans. A state Study Abroad Grant is available for Wisconsin resident students who have financial need, and while funding is limited, Global Connections makes every attempt to award every student that is eligible. Submitting the Additional Expense Form does not mean that you will receive additional financial aid for studying abroad.

As with any regular semester, you must be enrolled at least half-time (which is six credits for undergraduates and four credits for graduates) to be eligible to receive most financial aid. J-Term credits are combined with fall credits to determine enrollment for financial aid purposes.

Note: Federal Regulations prohibit releasing any financial aid funds before the semester for which you have been awarded. So if you need to pay a trip deposit early, for example, you must plan ahead. UW-River Falls financial aid counselors are here to assist you as you arrange funding for going abroad. Please make an individual appointment with a financial aid counselor as soon as you begin planning for studying abroad.

If you are attending another college for your study abroad trip, you may encounter additional hurdles in the financial aid process. Financial aid is only available to "degree-seeking" students, so if you are only visiting another college for the purpose of a study abroad, that college cannot offer you aid. You can only get financial aid from the college at which you intend to complete your degree, called the "home institution." UW-River Falls, as the home institution, may be able to offer financial aid for your study abroad through another college with a Financial Aid Consortium Agreement. (You need to open and print the agreement from this link, complete the student section and have the Host Institution complete their section, and bring the completed form to the Financial Aid office.) Note: because a number of parties must sign off on this agreement, you need to start this process well in advance of the semester you plan to study abroad.

Study Abroad Scholarships Available through UW-River Falls

  • The College of Arts & Sciences Stipend for International Study Abroad is available to students with at least one full semester with a declared major in the College of Arts & Sciences (or Secondary Education majors) who have completed 45 credits by the time of application, and have a minimum GPA 2.75. The award may be up to $500. An essay and letter of support are required with the application.

  • The College of Business & Economics International Studies Scholarship is available to students in the college. Click the link above or visit the CBE Office in 124 South Hall for more information and details.

  • The College of Education & Professional Studies International Scholarship is available to students in the college. Click the link above or visit the CEPS Office in 203 Wyman for more information and details.

  • There are several education abroad scholarships available to students.  They follow the same application procedure as all other UWRF Scholarships.  You can search within the scholarship application for education abroad opportunities.  These may not follow the standard deadline, so you can watch for new opportunities throughout the year. 

Outside Study Abroad Scholarships