Construction Updates

November 10, 2014

Last week, crews installed liner in the north pond and covered the liner with sand. With this complete, they will begin excavating CM lot for the new south retention pond. Crews continue to work on the maintenance and storage buildings. The roof installation on both new buildings will be completed this week.

New light pole bases were installed on the new main drive.

PARKING: As of today CM lot is no longer available. All patrons coming to Hunt/Knowles/Ramer will enter through the new main entrance (off of south main street). The drive will bring all guest to the paved lot to the south of Hunt Arena. All vehicles will park in the paved area near the "back of the lot." Throughout the winter, this is the area that will be maintained by plows. There will be a path available for guests to walk on. (see map below)

WALKING PATH: The gate that was separating the CM parking lot and Hunt/Knowles and the Blue Stem trail will be reopened. Patrons and students can now access campus and Hunt/Knowles/Ramer as usual.

Parking Map plan, starting November 2014

storage building construction


storage building construction

October 27, 2014

New projects this week include:

  • Roughing in walls for soccer dugout.

  • Grading the floor in storage and maintenance buildings.

  • Installing underground electric under the north parking lot, maintenance building, soccer dugouts and field.

Falcon Center construction image of parking lots being graded

October 14, 2014

Curb has been poured in the new south parking lot (lot was previously practice field) and on the new main street entry way. This week crews will continue working on the new lots by adding granular, structural fill and paving. This Wednesday, crews will begin creating a new entry to Dicks Fresh Market parking lot. They will be widening the entry and including a center turn lane to enable a smooth traffic flow. Work for the new outdoor soccer field footings will begin this week. The top soil stripped from Ramer and the practice fields will be used to create these new fields.

construction equipment digging up practice fields and turning into parking lots, view from top of David Smith Stadium bleachers facing South Main street

October 7, 2014

Ramer field took on it's first competition last weekend with UWRF and River Falls High School Homecoming football!  Crews prepared for opening weekend by cleaning the track as well as completing all seeding and tree planting along the perimeter. With the turf complete, crews began excavating the practice fields south of Hunt Arena. Parking lots will soon take the fields' place.  Also this week, workers plan to replace the chain link fence that lines the residential area to the south of Ramer. The building of the maintenance shed is now underway; masons built scaffolding and laid block last week and will continue to move forward this week. View photoslink of UWRF Homecoming football game vs. UW - Stevens Point.

Image of David Smith Stadium and the practice fields being excavated

September 30, 2014

The turf is done! Crews completed the final touches last week. Workers continue to plant trees and hydro seed the perimeter of the track. Progress is being made on the south most parking lot, it will remain gravel for event parking this fall. For events at Ramer Field, patrons can continue to access the parking lots from the South Main entrance. Overflow parking will extend onto the fields adjacent to the south gravel lot.

To relieve some of the River Falls High School game-day traffic during construction; RFHS is offering a shuttle from the high school parking lot to Ramer Field as well as a tailgating party. To view more information about the RFHS tailgating and shuttle, click herelink.

Photo by Kathy Helgeson. View more photoslink of first practice on the turf. image of football and football helmet sitting on the new turf with football players practicing in the background.

September 19, 2014

AstroTurf workers will complete the turf install by Tuesday, September 23. The field will be ready for it's October 4th debut during the UWRF homecoming football game vs. UW – Stevens Point. Ramer field will also be home to the River Falls High School Wildcat football team; their first home game at Ramer will be Friday, October 3rd. On Sunday, October 12th, the RFHS Marching Band will be hosting their 2nd annual Rhythm By the River Field Show. Check back for instructions on how to access events at David smith stadium.

New black fencing around the track has been installed.

Crews continue to excavate and work on retention ponds in front of Knowles Center. The new main street entry for the future Falcon Center is now beginning to take shape.

Next week, crews will begin seeding and tree planting inside the fenced area starting by the visitor bleachers and then heading around toward the restrooms; they will also begin to install sleeves for irrigation.

Photo by Kathy Helgeson. View more photoslink of turf install.Photo of Nathan Hammond, a contractor with SCG (Sports Contracting Group) installing turf

September 12, 2014

This week, the majority of the turf was laid and the project remains on schedule for an October 1st completion date! Also, on September 11 & 12 the asphalt was installed by the restroom area. In addition, footings at the utility building were formed/poured.

Next week, the AstroTurf  crew will be sewing in hash marks and numbers on the field. Crews will also begin installing the 4 foot high fencing around the track.

Photo courtesy of: Tom Kusilek
Ariel view of Ramer field during Turf install

September 5, 2014

This week the AstroTurf was delivered and installation began today! Significant progress has been made in creating 1 of the 2 retention ponds and the new entry in front of Hunt/Knowles. Excavation for this area will continue.

Access changes: The gate separating CM parking lot from Hunt/Knowles and the campus trail will re-open on evenings (beginning at 7pm) and weekends only.

Notice: Next week, expect increased traffic hauling material from Cemetary Road to 6th Street. Material is being brought in to create the new road that will connect Ramer Field area to 6th Street.

To view more photos of today's turf install, click herelink.
  turf installation


August 29, 2014

This week Ramer Field was prepped for turf. Crews are expected to begin turf installation on Wednesday, September 3, 2014. Next week crews will begin working on footings for the new utility building as well as begin to sand and gravel the parking lot and roadway back to 6th street.

prepping the field for turf


August 14, 2014

The temporary pathway to Knowles Center main entrance was paved this week! Crews also installed the nailer curb around Ramer field (see photo), finished installing the temporary fence, installed underground piping near the front of Ramer restroom area and prepared the existing water main to be hooked up to the new utility building.

temporary pathway to Knowles Center main entrance has been paved

Concrete path has been pored around the field

August 8, 2014

Signage is now displayed to help direct pedestrian traffic to and from Knowles Center, Hunt Arena and campus. As a reminder, a temporary pedestrian walkway has been created to the west of W lot. This path will take you to Hunt/Knowles Center.  Pedestrian traffic wanting to access Campus via the Blue Stem trail from lot CM should do so by continuing north to Broadway. See additional photos and video of the new pathway below (under the "August 1 update". ) 

The following activities have been recently completed or are in progress: 

  • Continued preparation for site construction

  • Installation of Ramer Field perimeter storm drain

  • Removal of concrete light bases

  • Soccer field grading

  • Erosion control and placement of silt fencing

image showing signs directing pedestrians to knowles center

August 5, 2014

Ramer Field excavation continues, today, crews worked to install the perimeter drain tile! View more photos of today's worklink.

installation of perimeter drain tile

August 1, 2014

The topsoil layer of Ramer Field has been removed, excavation crews continue to remove the clay-filled sub-layer. After all soil has been removed, crews will smooth out the base and a layer of gravel will be applied. Topsoil will be saved and reused for the installation of the Falcon soccer field.

The W lot (gravel lot in front of Knowles Center) is now under construction. The sidewalk from CM lot to Knowles is now closed.  You must use the new detour-walking path to access Hunt Arena, Knowles Center and outdoor tennis courts. From the CM parking lot (must have a permit or use meters) walk north along the South Main Street sidewalk, turn right and follow the newly created path toward Knowles center main entrance.

Fence around Knowles is now installed

sidewalk to Knowles Center is closed

South main street sidewalk

New pathway to Knowles Center




July 31, 2014

Crews began digging up Ramer Field this morning in preparation for the new AstroTurf installation. The artificial turf will be completed by October 1, 2014.

Construction equipment digging up Ramer field turf

Construction equipment digging up Ramer field turfConstruction equipment digging up Ramer Field turf

Construction equipment digging up Ramer field turf

July 29, 2014

Contractors continue to deliver equipment to the parking lot in front of Knowles Center/Hunt Arena.

Photo of large construction machines with Smith Stadium in the background

July 25, 2014

Earlier this week, the Governor signed the Falcon Center/Smith Stadium/Ramer Field phase 1 contract with Miron construction and a notice to proceed was issued.  The excavation contractor will begin work Monday, July 28!

Photo of Ramer field pre construction

July 23, 2014

The Falcon Center Phase 1 construction start date was scheduled for Monday, July 14th.  Unfortunately, progress has been delayed and UWRF now anticipates an August start date.

Photo of site construction plan