Faculty and Staff Handbook

24th Edition, 2015 Version

Chapter IX: Services and General Information

9.1 Communications

9.1.1 Telephone Service

Telephone service and toll calls are charged back to the departments at cost rates. State Telephone System

Faculty and staff are required to use the State Telephone System (STS) for all toll business calls made from campus. For STS toll calls, dial 8, wait for tone, then dial 1, area code, and 7-digit number. Outgoing calls to River Falls, Hudson, Ellsworth, Prescott, and Roberts are considered local calls and will incur a fixed measured service charge. Dial 9 for access to a local line. On-campus calls are made by dialing only the four-digit number. Further detailed dialing instructions are found in the opening pages of the UWRF campus directory or at the ITS website, above. Personal Calls

Personal long distance calls may be made from University telephones if properly placed and charged to a personal calling card or credit card. Requests for Services

Requests for telephone repair and service must be approved by persons having budgetary authority. Request forms can be found on the UWRF web page in the telecommunications area of Instructional Technology Services (Administrative Services):

9.1.2 Fax Service

Fax machines are located in various buildings and departments throughout campus. Outgoing fax messages should be limited to business use when using the dial "8" STS. The current Campus Directory provides a complete list of Fax service numbers available for University business. Outgoing/incoming fax service is available at the University Center Information Desk for student and staff personal use. Personal incoming fax messages are allowed on departmental fax machines but should be clearly labeled for proper delivery.

9.1.3 Mail Service

Postage costs are charged back to departments at current USPS rates. Chargebacks are made by means of pre-printed data-process postage cards that must be completed to accompany batches of outgoing mail.

Outgoing business mail should be left in the mail room in Room 132, Central Stores, in the Maintenance and Central Stores Building or in the designated location in most campus buildings. The University mail truck makes one pick-up and distribution run throughout the campus in the morning. In the afternoon, a pick-up only run is made to South Hall, North Hall, and Kleinpell Fine Arts. To ensure that mail goes out on the same day, items must be in the mail room of one of these three buildings by 1:30 p.m. Outgoing mail is taken to the Post Office twice daily for dispatch from the city.

The United States Postal Service has changed the requirements for bulk mailing rate eligibility. All mailing lists must be submitted electronically to the UWRF Postal Services email address. Please visit for details. Beginning Nov. 23, 2008, this format must be used in order to obtain the reduced rate for bulk mailing. Contact Sallie Klink at ext. 3570 or

9.1.4 Internet Access and Services

Information Technology Services Mission Statement: The Information Technology Services department of UW-River Falls is charged with the mission of supporting information technology for the campus as necessary to meet the mission and goals of the University. Specifically, this will include providing support for faculty, staff and students as it relates to their current and future use of information technology in the fulfillment of their duties and educational experience. Information Technology Services (ITS) will provide a coordinated, cohesive and integrated service to the campus. ITS will provide a single point of contact for problem resolution and service acquisition for campus constituents. ITS will provide its services to the campus community with equality, efficiency and a spirit of helpfulness. Acceptable Use Policy for Information Technology Resources

All users of campus technology are required to be familiar with and to follow the Acceptable Use Policy and other campus technology policies and guidelines. Falcon Account Activation

To activate a new Falcon account, follow the above link. New faculty and staff will have received the ID number in the letter of appointment. For help or a forgotten number, call (715) 425-3687.

A Falcon account gives access to a number of online resources:

If you have trouble activating your Falcon account or want more information about computer accounts at UW-River Falls, contact the IT Services HelpDesk at (715) 425-3687 and ask to speak to a staff person about network accounts. FalconFile

FalconFile is a place for students, faculty, and staff to store, access, control, and share their electronic files. eSIS

eSIS is an electronic filing system that tracks a variety of demographic information about students, staff, and other individuals connected with the University. It is, among its other applications, used by faculty to keep student records and grades. For eSIS tutorials, see: Learn@UW River Falls (Desire2Learn)

Learn@UW River Falls is a system for electronic management of courses, currently powered by Desire2Learn. Follow the above link for setup information and tutorials. Mailman

Mailman gives a listing of and access to a variety of on-campus electronic mailing lists. Calendar

The calendar can be used to manage, schedule, and share time. Email

Email can be accessed online through Outlook Web Application:

or through an email program installed on an individual’s University-supported computer. FredNet

FredNet provides a variety of services on campus:

• Computer Repair for Students Living on Campus • Information Systems Programming Services (Including Website Design and Administrative Systems) • Administrative Computer Maintenance • Telephone Maintenance • Television Service • Internet and Data Network Support • Emergency Alert System Services are paid for by room fees, meal plans, point commissions, University Center fees and chargebacks for programming time.

9.1.5 World Wide Web

The University maintains an extensive World Wide Web site at

The web pages contain information on all aspects of University life. Information for prospective students, current students, faculty, staff, alumni and the community at large is accessible through the University site. All departments maintain home pages, giving information on programs, courses, faculty, staff, and other items of interest. A number of functions can now be done through the web, including application for admission and registration.

Faculty and staff interested in developing web pages are advised to consult the web developer's corner:

for policies, standards, graphics and validation procedures.