Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook

21st Edition, 2011 Version

Chapter V: Compensation Procedures and Issues

5.6 Unpaid Leave of Absence

The process for requesting an unpaid leave of absence follows the same process as other personnel actions. A written request is made to the department chair or department head and is processed through the routine chain of command with approval given at each level. The Chancellor has final approval of a leave of absence and communicates approval or denial in writing. All leaves of absence carry an implicit agreement between the staff member and UW-River Falls that the staff member will return to work at the conclusion of the leave of absence. Failure to return to work at the conclusion of the approved leave period constitutes a resignation from the University. For family leave or sick leave, please see above. For a leave of absence for unclassified employees seeking or accepting political office or appointments, see Board of Regent Policy 20-6 (formerly 89-8).