Faculty and Staff Handbook

24th Edition, 2015 Version

Chapter I: Introduction to UW-River Falls

1.2 University of Wisconsin System

1.2.1 Board of Regents

The University of Wisconsin System is governed by the Board of Regents, an 18-member board, as established under Chapter 36 of the Wisconsin State Statutes. The Governor of Wisconsin appoints Board members to seven-year terms, except the two student regents, who are appointed to two-year terms. The Board appoints the President of the UW System, the chancellors of the 13 universities, the chancellor of UW-Extension and UW Colleges, and the deans of the 13 colleges.

All appointees serve at the pleasure of the Board. The Board also sets admission standards,
reviews and approves university budgets, and establishes the regulatory framework within which
the individual units operate.

1.2.2 System Administration

The President has full executive responsibility for the operation and management of the
University of Wisconsin System. The President reports to the Board of Regents and carries out
the duties prescribed in the Wisconsin Statutes for this office and such other duties as may be
assigned by the Board or in policy actions of the Board. The Senior Vice Presidents, Vice
Presidents, 15 Chancellors and General Counsel report to the President. The President sees to the
appropriate staffing of System administrative offices and directs and coordinates the activities of
these offices as needed to fulfill his or her responsibilities.