The Faculty and Academic Staff Development Board helps organize, support, and encourage faculty development opportunities available to campus.

Wisconsin Teaching Fellows/Scholars (WTF/S)

The WTF&S program offers UW faculty and teaching academic staff a unique opportunity to collaborate with other exceptional teachers from across the UW System and from various disciplines. Many participants have found that the experience reenergized their work and even transformed their approach to teaching and learning. Collaboration with colleagues from diverse perspectives lies at the heart of the program. In addition to discussing illuminating works selected from the pedagogical literature, Fellows and Scholars are guided through the process of completing a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) project with input from fellow participants and the program co-directors. OPID encourages applications from eligible faculty and staff that are open to new ideas and learning from others.

Two faculty members will be selected from UWRF to complete a teaching and learning project. Each participant will receive $4,000 in financial support from UWRF and a $500 supplies and expense grant from OPID.

More information about WTF/S Program

Evidence Based Teaching Fellows (EBTF)

The Evidence Based Teaching Fellows Program supports faculty members as they systematically inquire into a particular area of interest or concern with respect to teaching and learning. The data collected can then be published as well as used to inform existing teaching practice.

learner_1The course changes and data collection should occur during the following Fall semester in the next academic year after becoming an EBTF participant (exceptions will be considered for Spring courses).

Participants in the program must complete three critical parts of the project including: completing activities prior to the group meetings, participating in group meetings with other program participants, and meeting individually with the program coordinator to discuss their project. 

Five individuals will be chosen to work together and with the EBTF Coordinator to investigate an issue of student learning within one of their courses. Meetings will occur through the Fall and Spring semesters culminating in a final project proposal to be completed in June. 

More information about the EBTF program

Online Teaching Institute (OTI)

The Online Teaching Institute (OTI) is a semester long program that provides individual support to faculty members who are redesigning an existing course for online delivery.  Faculty members meet regularly with an instructional designer to collaborate on the design and development of their course.  In addition, OTI participants meet with other colleagues in a group setting to share their work and receive feedback.  Online activities are also planned to provide faculty members with the experience of participating in an online course. 
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Each participant will receive a payment of $1,000 per course credit at the time the course is delivered online for the first time.  

More information about the OTI program

Online Course Redesign (OCR)

The Online Course Redesign (OCR) provides funding and instructional support for faculty and instructional academic staff members interested in reconstructing a significant portion of a course currently offered online.   

Applicants should clearly identify a significant teaching or student learning challenge that currently exists in a course andworking_1 provide a detailed plan for redesigning the course to address the issue.   

Participants will receive $750 per credit for the course being redesigned.   If required for the project, additional one-time funding (under $250) is available for equipment (microphone, digital camera, etc) or software (screen recording software, etc). 

More information about the OCR program

Faculty College 

The Faculty College program offers UW faculty and teaching academic staff a unique opportunity to collaborate with other exceptional teachers from across the UW System during a four-day faculty development experience focused on teaching and learning.    

Four faculty members will be selected from UWRF to participate in the four-day Faculty College experience, typically held at UW-Richland (Richland Center, WI) during the last week of May.  Preference will be given to faculty who have not participated in Faculty College within the previous five years.  A random process will then be used to identify participants. 

More information about the Faculty College

 GREAT Falcon STEM Fellows

The GREAT Falcon STEM Fellow (GFSF) program is a key element in a five-year NSF-funded grant designed to increase the number of STEM graduates at UWRF. This program is specifically tied to "Action 1" of the grant that involves the implementation of "active-learning, student-centered pedagogy." The purpose of this program is to increase the use of proven active teaching pedagogies (e.g., Flipped Classroom, Team-based Learning, Peer Instruction, Studio Physics, Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning – POGIL) in STEM courses. Successful applications will articulate essential course content goals and proposed pedagogical changes surrounding those goals. Faculty should be able to convey that they are interested in change and what types of change they are considering. Small but significant changes are preferable to an entire overhaul of a course. 

Instructional Academic Staff (must have been at UWRF for at least 3 years) or any Tenured or Tenure-track Faculty member who teach one of the following STEM "gate-way" courses are eligible: BIOL 150, 160, 210, 230, 240, CHEM 120, 121, 122, 130, 231, 232, 233, 240. ESM 105, 220, GEOL 101, 150, 230, 231, 269, MATH 147, 149, 166, 167, 236, 256, 266, PHYS 121, 122, 131, 132, 264. Course Development must occur during summer 2015.

More information about GREAT Falcon STEM Fellows

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