Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars (WTF/S)

WTFS-blue_1The WTF&S program offers UW faculty and teaching academic staff a unique opportunity to collaborate with other exceptional teachers from across the UW System and from various disciplines.  Many participants have found that the experience reenergized their work and even transformed their approach to teaching and learning.  Collaboration with colleagues from diverse perspectives lies at the heart of the program.  In addition to discussing illuminating works selected from the pedagogical literature, Fellows and Scholars are guided through the process of completing a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) project with input from fellow participants and the program co-directors.  OPID encourages applications from eligible faculty and staff that are open to new ideas and learning from others.   

Two faculty members will be selected from UWRF to complete a teaching and learning project during the 2014-2015 academic year.  Each participant will receive $4,000 in financial support from UWRF and a $500 supplies and expense grant from OPID. 

Program Requirements 

  1. Attendance at four OPID-sponsored events throughout the year:  

 UW System OPID Faculty College

 May 2015


 WTF&S Summer Institute

 June 2015


 WTF&S Winter Retreat

 January 2016


 Final WTF&S Meeting and Public Poster Session

 Spring 2016


  1. Completion of a SoTL project with dissemination of results in a professional forum 
  2. Recording of SoTL project's progress on electronic poster throughout the program year

Selection Criteria  

  • Evidence of excellent teaching and dedication to continuous improvement  
  • Knowledge of student learning assessment and interest in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)  
  • Interest in sharing teaching and learning innovations  
  • Interest in collaborating with faculty from various disciplines

The one difference between Fellows and Scholars is career stage:  

Fellows: Outstanding early-career, untenured faculty with at least one year (preferably two) of teaching experience or academic instructional staff teaching in an academic program with at least 2 years of teaching experience at your institution (must be currently teaching).   

Scholars: Outstanding tenured faculty and/or experienced academic instructional staff teaching in an academic program with at least 10 years of experience at your institution. 

Review Committee  

All proposals will be evaluated by the Faculty Professional Development Committee of the Faculty and Academic Staff Development Board.

Application Due: September 15, 2014


Nomination Formdocument

Nomination Applicationlink

(Online Submission Process)link

To nominate a faculty member, submit in electronic format a scanned copy attached to an e-mail the nomination form, a letter from you (the nominator) and two additional support letters (limit 2 pages each) from colleagues addressing the criteria and efforts that the nominee show as contributing significant to research, creative or scholarly activity at UWRF to by 4:30 p.m. on March 1 of each academic year. The e-mail subject line must include the Excellence Award name and last name of the nominee. Applications that are not submitted following these directions will not be considered.

For More Information, Contact:

Wes Chapin

Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

o: North Hall 104

e: wes.chapin@uwrf.edumail

t: 715-425-0629