Online Teaching Institute (OTI)

coffee_1 (1)The Online Teaching Institute (OTI) is a semester long program that provides individual support to faculty members who are redesigning an existing course for online delivery.  Faculty members meet regularly with an instructional designer to collaborate on the design and development of their course.  In addition, OTI participants meet with other colleagues in a group setting to share their work and receive feedback.  Online activities are also planned to provide faculty members with the experience of participating in an online course. 

Who Can Participate? 

All faculty members and instructional academic staff members are welcome to participate in the Online Teaching Institute.  Participation and selection of participants is at the discretion of individual departments, programs, and/or colleges.  Because funding for participants is distributed to individuals when the designated course is offered online, participants are asked to discuss plans with corresponding department chair persons, program directors, and/or deans to confirm that the planned course is appropriate as an online offering and the participant will be listed as the instructor on record to teach this course during an upcoming term.  

Individuals may participate in the Online Teaching Institute by developing a different course from the one previously developed by the individual through the Online Teaching Institute.  Faculty members wishing to make significant changes to an online course, previously developed through the Online Teaching Institute, are encouraged to apply for the Online Course Redesign program.   

Different individuals may develop the same course through the Online Teaching Institute.  Planning to have a different individual develop the same course on a consistent basis is not recommended.  Situations do arise that require the same course to be developed by two different faculty members.  [For example, an individual teaching a course section online for a number of terms may be unable to teach the course during particular period or needs to teach a different course for a specific program, department, or college.  A course with multiple sections offered online may require more than one instructor to develop the course.] 


Each participant will receive a payment of $1000 per course credit at the time the course is delivered online for the first time.   

The Online Teaching Institute is funded by revenue generated by fees associated with online courses, see University's online course fee policy.

Schedule of Meetings

There are two Online Teaching Institute cohorts scheduled during this academic year. 

Fall Cohort Starts September 22

Application Due: September 15, 2013 

Spring Cohort Starts February 2

Application Due: January 26, 2014 

It is difficult to identify times when all faculty members are available to meet at the same time.  Once a cohort has formed for an upcoming semester, a schedule is arranged that will accommodate all participants. 

Application Due: January 26, 2015

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Questions about 
the OTI

If you are interested in participating in the Online Teaching Institute, but have questions please email Scott Wojtanowski, Ph.D.