Online Course Redesign (OCR)

The Online Course Redesign (OCR) provides funding and instructional support for faculty and instructional academic staff members interested in reconstructing a significant portion of a course currently offered online.  Applicants should clearly identify a significant teaching or student learning challenge that currently exists in a course and provide a detailed plan for redesigning the course to address the issue.  Applications addressing elements of the Liberal Education and America's Promise (LEAP)link initiative are preferred.


Participants receive $750 per credit for the course being redesigned.  If required for the project, additional one-time funding (under $250) is available for equipment (microphone, digital camera, etc.) or software (screen recording software, etc.).  Funding is provided when the redesigned course is offered online.

Available to  

Faculty/Academic Instructional Staff who teach a course that has been offered online at least 3 times from its initial development or at least 3 times since it was last redesigned in the OCR.


Application Due: September 2015

Available: Summer of 2015 

Applications must be submitted in electronic format after the necessary signatures are obtained.  A scanned copy must be attached to an e-mail and sent to fasdb@uwrf.edumail by 4:30 p.m. on the due date.  The e-mail subject line must include the grant title and last name of the applicant. Applications that are not submitted following these directions will not be considered.