Online Course Redesign (OCR)

The Online Course Redesign (OCR) provides funding and instructional support for faculty and instructional academic staff members interested in reconstructing a significant portion of a course currently offered online.  

Applicants should clearly identify a significant teaching or student learning challenge that currently exists in a course and provide a detailed plan for redesigning the course to address the issue.   


Ten applications will be funded for the 2014-2015 academic year.  Participants will receive $750 per credit for the course being redesigned.  If required for the project, additional one-time funding (under $250) is available for equipment (microphone, digital camera, etc) or software (screen recording software, etc).  Funding is provided when the redesigned course is offered online.   

The OCR is funded by revenue generated by fees associated with online courses, see University's online course fee policy. 

Who Can Participate?

To participate in the OCR program, a course must be taught online at least 3 times from its initial development or at least 3 times since it was last redesigned in the OCR.

Schedule of Meetings

Participants will meet with other colleagues as they redesign their online courses together.  A total of four meetings are scheduled, but participants are encouraged to schedule additional individual meetings as needed. 

Group Meetings 


Group Kick Off

Share Common Concerns, issues and teaching approaches specific to online courses. Review of available technologies. 

Individual Meetings


Application Review

Discuss teaching and learning problem and proposed plan

Technology Review

Identify current use of technology and alternative updates 

Final Review

Course readiness and technology functionality

It is difficult to identify times when all faculty members are available to meet at the same time.  Once a cohort has formed for the year, a schedule will be arranged that will accommodate all participants. 

Application Review 

The Faculty and Academic Staff Development Board will review all applications.  Applications will be evaluated on the connection to the redesigns focus and the total anticipated impact on student learning.   

Applications addressing elements of the Liberal Education and America's Promise (LEAP) initiative are preferred.  Go to for more information on the LEAP initiative.   

Possible solutions for Teaching or Learning Problems 

Authentic Assessments (Resourcelink) - Center Student learning on real-world challenges and complex problems 

Collaborative Assignments/Projects (Resourcelink) - Create high impact learning environments where students interact with the materials as well as each other 

Incorporating different Technology - Implement more effective Technology to replace older solutions Use new Technology to solve an existing Teaching or Learning Problem - A technology that provides a relative advantage to existing methods used in the course. 


Application Due: January 26, 2015

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Questions about 
the OCR

If you are interested in participating in the Online Course Redesign, but have questions please email Scott Wojtanowski, Ph.D. Scott.Wojtanowski@uwrf.edumail