Excellence in Teaching and Learning Series (ETL)

 Theme: Systematic Inquiry into Student Learning

The Excellence in Teaching and Learning Series program supports faculty members as they systematically inquire about their students' learning in one particular course.  The data collected will be used to inform existing teaching practices.  

Participants in the program must complete three critical parts of the project including:  completing readings or other activities prior to group meetings, participating in group meetings with other program participants, and, if necessary, meeting individually with the program facilitator to discuss their project. 

Who Can Participate? 

The program is open to all faculty members and instructional academic staff members.  Due to limited funding, we anticipate that up to five individuals will be selected to participate in this program. 


A maximum of up to five faculty members will be selected to participate in the program.  Each participant will receive $1,000 to support the scholarly work of applicants.  The Excellence in Teaching and Learning Series is funded by the Faculty and Academic Staff Development Board (FASDB).

Submit Your Proposal  

Interested participants must submit a brief description of an issue related to student learning that they would be like to investigate in a class he or she is scheduled to teach during Spring 2017.  The Faculty and Academic Staff Development Board will evaluate, in a blind review, all proposals.

Schedule of Meetings  

Specific dates will be identified when program participants have been identified. Meetings will occur monthly throughout the year (October-May). Each participant is asked to share the findings of their project on the Faculty and Academic Staff Development Board (FASDB) website as well as at the annual RSCA day in April on the UWRF Campus.  In addition, all participants are strongly encouraged to submit their work to scholarly journals for publication.  

*All classroom research proposals are subject to approval by the UWRF Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects (IRB)*

Application Due: September 2015

Application Available for 
2016-2017: Summer 2015 

Applications must be submitted in electronic format after the necessary signatures are obtained.  A scanned copy must be attached to an e-mail and sent to FASDBmail by 4:30 p.m. on the due date.  The e-mail subject line must include the grant title and last name of the applicant. Applications that are not submitted following these directions will not be considered.


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