Administration of the Program

The UWRF Faculty and Academic Staff Development program is administered by the FACULTY AND ACADEMIC STAFF DEVELOPMENT BOARD (FASDB) which consists of the following:

  • Seven tenured faculty members appointed by the UWRF Faculty Senate for a term of six years.
  • Two academic staff members appointed by the Academic Staff Council, each for a six year term. One academic staff member must have teaching status.
  • The Director of Faculty and Student Academic Support Programs, Director of Grants & Research, and the Administrative Representative for the UW-System Office of Professional and Instructional Development.
    • All non-voting

The full board will elect its chair at the first scheduled meeting. Chair terms will be two years. Chairs may be re-elected for no more than two additional terms of office.

The board will subdivide itself into the following five committees:

  • Teaching Committee
  • Research Committee
  • Faculty Professional Development Committee
    • Each with at least three faculty members
  • Academic Staff Professional Development Committee
    • With two academic staff members


On Campus Workshops, Conferences and Course

Faculty and Academic Staff Development Board

Day-to-Day Operations 

Teaching   Committee

Faculty Professional Development Committee 

Academic Staff Professional Development Committee 

Research Committee 

  • Improvement of Classroom Instruction Grants
  • Faculty Retraining & Retention Program
  • Recruitment and Retention Program
  • Excellence in Teaching and Learning Series
  • GREAT Falcon STEM Fellows

  • Sabbaticals
  • Professional Development Grants
  • Robert P. Knowles Fund

  • Academic Staff Professional Development Grants

  • Faculty Research Grants

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Faculty and Academic Staff Development
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