Faculty-Staff Biographies

FACULTY, Fall 2015

Julie Tharp, UW-Marshfield/Wood County

Julie Tharp

I don't have a hometown.  My dad was a wanderer, so my family followed along to a variety of places in Minnesota and Iowa.  After high school I studied literature and writing for a number of years.  Once I finished my college English degrees—B.S. and M.A. at Minnesota State University and Ph.D. at University of Minnesota—I took an assistant professor position at UW-Marshfield/Wood County.  I did not intend to stay there, but here I still am 22 years later.  It has been a nice town in which to raise my two children, Ana and Ian, and I have enjoyed the small campus with lots of room for me to teach a variety of classes.  Since grad school, I have branched out into teaching film studies, women's studies and several learning communities. 

TharpI have also had opportunities to follow in my dad's wanderlust footsteps.  While in college I spent a term in Europe.  As a professor, I received a Fulbright in 2001 and lived in Singapore with my kids for six months.  I have studied in Mexico, taken students on a study abroad trip to Ireland, and most recently taught in the Wisconsin in Scotland program at Dalkeith.  I am excited to venture to China next.  I love travel, love studying other languages, love world cinema, and love to cook foods from many different cultures.  I hope to share that enthusiasm with others.