The courses offered during each year of the Experience China program vary based on the disciplines of the faculty selected to teach that term. For more information on the courses offered during the term you are interested in, please click on the appropriate term below. Additional information on equivalents and required textbooks will be updated as information is received from partner schools and faculty.

Spring 2016

In addition to the courses offered, you can structure the Experience China program to fit your academic needs by utilizing internships and independent studies. If you are interested in learning more about this option, please contact the Experience China Administrative Office for more information.


Registering for classes- FAQs

Financial Aid - please refer to the "Study Abroad Financial Aid" tab. Students attending as special students, please scroll down to the section entitled, "If you are attending another college for your study abroad trip"

Textbooks - Students are required to obtain (purchase, borrow, etc.) the necessary textbooks for the U.S. course offerings they will be taking. It will be the student's responsibility to bring the textbooks with them prior to the first day of classes. Required textbook information can be found by clicking on the appropriate semester to the left of this Resource box. Textbooks for the Experience China core courses and beginning Mandarin may be available for use at Zhejiang International Studies University, please check with the Experience China Administrative Office. (There may also be additional expenses for special courses such as art, photography, field trips, etc.)