Harassment and Discrimination Reporting

Please use this form to report electronically - and anonymously if you so choose - a bias incident that has occurred within the UWRF community.

If you have witnessed or experienced an act committed against any person, group, or property which you believe discriminates, stereotypes, harasses, or excludes anyone based on some part of their identity, please report using this form.

Identity may include race, color, ethnicity, religion, disability, nationality, language, gender, sexual orientation, group affiliation, and other similar factors.

You may use this form regardless of the severity of the incident (i.e., any incident, including hate crimes, can be reported here).

IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY IN A SITUATION WHERE IMMEDIATE MEDICAL, POLICE OR OTHER EMERGENCY SERVICES ARE NEEDED – CALL 911 or UWRF Police at 425-3133  (on campus) or River Falls Police at  425-0909 (off-campus).

Please include where this incident(s) occurred and frequency of the incidents.


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